Benching the Monolith Program Spreadsheet

Jim Wendler had designed the Building the Monolith Program.  Benching the Monolith Program is an extension of it. It primarily targets upping the bench pressing numbers.

It helped many lifters to break off their plateaus along with getting stronger on the lift. So if you are stuck on your bench press and are unable to make substantial progress, this program is what you need.

Just like Building the Monolith Program, Benching the Monolith Program is also designed for intermediate to advanced lifters. When it comes to advanced lifters who have been training hard for years or even decades in some cases, the improvements in their overall performance get stalled overtime. This primarily includes stagnation in strength levels. This happens because of the increased muscle maturity which requires the applications of various shocking techniques to promote enough challenge for the muscles to make them get adapted accordingly.

Benching the Monolith Program

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This lift specific program will provide the muscles with the needed stimulus that promotes growth in terms of both strength and size gains.

Benching the Monolith workout program runs for six weeks. You get to train bench press and squats two times a week whereas you train your deadlift and overhead press only once. The training protocol is designed in a manner that trains your squats before proceeding to the bench press. This is done for a reason. When you train your squats, your lungs also tend to get a kind of warm-up that makes them expand to some extent. Afterward, when you perform your bench press, your upper body stays more firm and tight which aids in maintaining proper form and technique on the bench press.

Following this workout program, you are required to train three times a week on non-consecutive days. This allows your muscles to not get overtrained. It also ensures that proper recovery and recuperation gets carried out. When you are following this program it is imperative that you are cautious about your nutrition and rest periods. This will make sure that you get the most out of this training program.

If you are a beginner, you will easily wear yourself out following this training protocol. You need to ensure that the technique and form of your bench press is absolutely perfect. Without it, there are probable chances that you can face injury and unnecessary muscle damage owing to the heavier weights with which you will be training while being on this program.

Here we are going to present before you a detailed and descriptive spreadsheet of the Benching the Monolith Program. Spreadsheets usually serve the purpose of easing out the understanding of data that involves a lot of calculations. The spreadsheet presented here will do the same for you.

Thanks to u/BenchPolkov for creating this awesome template

Have a look at it:-


Before you proceed with Benching the Monolith Program, you need to take into consideration your 1 Rep Max and your Training Max on the bench press, squat, deadlift, and overhead press.

These numbers will aid in determining the weights with which you will be progressing with. Once you enter these values in the given template, the spreadsheet will easily determine the percentages of weights that you must progress within each training session. It ensures that your muscles face adequate stress to grow.

The spreadsheet presented here provides you a clear idea about the sets and reps you will be performing in each training session. Most of the time you would be performing 5 reps with a certain percentage of your 1 Rep Max weight. Along with this, the Google sheet also guides you well regarding some other movements that you will be performing in each training session. They include chin-ups, dips, dumbbell rows, face-pulls, shrugs, etc. They are performed for a relatively higher number of reps.

Final Words

Following the spreadsheet presented here will ensure that you avoid perplexities. You can also take a printout of the spreadsheet and keep it handy during your powerlifting training sessions. You can certainly expect overall strength gains that you will get from following the Benching the Monolith Program.


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