Ben Affleck Diet Plan and Supplements

To look like a superhero, you need to eat like one. Especially when you are portraying the dark knight on screen, it becomes imperative that you look strong and muscular enough to save the city named Gotham. In Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, Batman not only had to save his city but also had to fight Superman. Apart from going through his rigorous training sessions, Ben Affleck made sure to stick to a strict diet plan that transformed him into a superhero that looked convincing enough to fight Superman.

What was his diet plan that made Ben Affleck look bigger, muscular, and stronger like never before? This celebrity diet guide is going to give you a detailed description of Ben Affleck’s meal plan. Let’s proceed.

Ben Affleck Diet

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Ben Affleck’s Meal Plan

To acquire a superhero physique, Ben Affleck followed a strict meal plan. His diet was targeted towards bulking him up. At the same time, it was ensured that he does not go through a dirty bulk. Clean bulk in the form of lean muscle gain was the prime objective of his nutrition plan. Hence he had to consume 12-14 calories per pound of his body weight. His total calorie consumption went to 2500-3000 calories per day. It was spread over 6-7 perfectly timed and smaller meals. His high caloric intake allowed him to gain decent muscle mass along with fuelling his body to go through intense workout sessions. Following this kind of diet aided Ben Affleck in gaining 25 lbs of lean muscle mass.

Proteins act as the building blocks of muscle and are a crucial nutrient of any diet that is aimed towards muscle building. Ben Affleck consumed his proteins in the form of egg whites and chicken breasts. His carbohydrates came from whole grains, oatmeal, and veggies. Nuts and flaxseed oil served to fulfill his fat requirements. Drinking plenty of water was also a part of Ben Affleck’s diet plan, as it kept him hydrated.

Ben Affleck consumed his carbs early in the day. For his evening meals, he primarily relied on consuming protein and fat. This kind of timed eating was based on the theory that consuming carbs at night converts it into fat more easily.

Ben Affleck Diet Plan

Ben Affleck Diet Plan


Food Items

Meal 1

CLA, protein powder with water

Meal 2

Egg Whites

1 cup oatmeal


Flaxseed Oil (1 tbsp)

Meal 3

Protein Bar

Meal 4

Baked grilled chicken breast

Medium-sized cooked sweet potato

Flaxseed Oil (1 tbsp)

Meal 5

1 apple

Unsalted almonds

Meal 6

Grilled/Baked salmon or chicken breast

Steamed Brussels sprouts

Broccoli or spinach

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Ben Affleck used to start his day with oatmeal and egg whites that provided his body with adequate fiber and protein content, respectively. It also helped him in reducing his cravings throughout the day.

Ben Affleck avoided the consumption of dairy products to cut off excess fat from his frame. He also restricted his daily intake of sodium to around 1500-2000 mg to avoid any kind of water retention.

Ben Affleck also preferred to avoid the consumption of alcohol, artificial ingredients, chemical additives, processed foods, hydrogenated fats, refined sugar, and junk food.

Ben Affleck’s Supplements

Even though whole foods comprised a major chunk of Ben Affleck’s Batman diet plan, he also included supplements to support his nutrition intake. Ben Affleck supplements stack included the following:-

  • CLA: CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Ben Affleck consumed it for its fat-burning effects. Even though CLA can be consumed from meat and dairy products, its supplementation is recommended. This is because nowadays, it is quite challenging to get adequate amounts of it only from diet.
  • Protein Powder/Protein Bar: Ben Affleck preferred to either have a protein shake or a protein bar prior to his workout sessions. It fueled his body well to take on the stress of intense training sessions. It aided in adding lean muscle mass to his frame along with fulfilling his daily protein requirements. It also helped in keeping him full and avoid any unnecessary hunger pangs.

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This was all about the diet plan of Ben Affleck that brought the superhero in himself. We would recommend you to understand your body type and consult an experienced dietician before copying his diet chart blindly.