Barack Obama’s Daily Routine, Sleep Schedule, Habits & More

The man who created history by becoming the first black president of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama, has earned a huge name and fame throughout the world. He lives an inspirational life. Whether be it in his personal life or on the professional front, he has been successful at portraying both roles.

We all know the growth America witnessed in his presidential term. We all know what a delight it is, to listen to his speeches and debates. He has left a very deep impact on the world and has set a beautiful example of how true leaders can bring real change in this world.

But how did Obama develop such an influential personality? The question can be answered when you look into his daily routine. Let us take a deep look into Barack Obama’s daily routine.

Barack Obama’s Daily Routine

Barack Obama's Daily Routine
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Whether it be his charismatic personality or his chilled attitude with the white house officials, Barack Obama has impressed us all with his distinguished personality. The personality that he has developed, has been a direct result of the habits and routines that he has followed throughout his life.

So what exactly does a day in the life of Barack Obama look like?


What is Mr. Barack Obama’s daily schedule? Let us begin with the mornings. The mornings are the time that determines how the rest of the day will be spent. Obama, after he retired from the presidential term, has become benevolent with his lifestyle. He does not try to lead a very strict life but tries to live a more relaxed lifestyle nowadays.

On waking up, he takes his time getting up from the bed, usually being grateful for the life that he has, and chit-chatting with his wife, Michelle. The mornings begin with gratitude. After that, he will go to get his daily dose of exercise. He hits the gym and indulges in his daily workouts. He alternates between weight training and cardio exercise.

Exercising has been one of the most prominent factors that have helped him live a healthy lifestyle. He spends around 45 minutes in the gym and tries to sweat it out every day. He has a personal gym trainer. He is committed to his fitness a lot.

Then he likes to get his breakfast which is not something fancy but a very basic breakfast consisting of eggs, potatoes, and toast. He does not like drinking coffee, instead prefers drinking tea and juices.


When he was the president, he used to work in his afternoons and spend most of his time in white house meetings. Now he is busy with his philanthropic work and his foundation. The foundation is helping children around the globe to have better education and facilities.

He does miss his presidential term and tries to stay connected with his previous contacts even today.

Discussing important global topics like environment, education, and so on with other world leaders has helped him maintain his contacts, and bring changes in this world. The maximum of the earnings through this foundation are donated to good causes.

He likes to eat vegetarian food in the afternoons and may sometimes snack on boiled cauliflower and broccoli.


Now that he is free of his presidential duties, he generally tries to give a lot of time to his favorite activities like reading, writing, and engaging in activities that bring him joy. He likes to spend time with his family and especially his daughters.

We all have heard of the famous love story of his wife and him. The love and bond that they share are incomparable and surely would have taken a lot of time to build. Even today, he tries to maintain the same relationship with his wife and gives enough time and attention to his daughters. He will go to bed at around 11 pm after reading for about half an hour.

Barack Obama’s sleep schedule

While he was in his presidential term, the sleep hours that Obama had were very less. But today, he has more time and he is trying to have a proper sleep schedule. He tries to sleep for 7-8 hours every day. We all know how important it is to have a healthy sleep schedule.

How many hours does Barack Obama sleep?

Barack Obama tries to take sleep for about 7-8 hours every day. He knows the importance of sound sleep and tries to get quality sleep every day to maintain his quality of life.

What time does Barack Obama go to bed?

He usually goes to bed at around 11-11:30 pm at the night. The sleep hours may vary depending on how busy he is that day.

What time does Barack Obama wake up?

Barack Obama tries to wake up at around 7-8 am. In the morning, he tries to be grateful for another day in his life and continues his day with the same thought in his mind.

Barack Obama’s work schedule

Barack Obama's work schedule
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Barack Obama’s work schedule is a bit more relaxed now when compared to his presidential term workload. Now, as he is busy with his philanthropic work, he can manage and take out some time for himself. He generally tries to devote around 50- 60 hours weekly to his work.

How many hours a day does Barack Obama work?

He tries to work for 7-8 hours a day. As he loves what he is doing now, which is working to make a better society, he loves to do his work and does not mind spending more working hours when necessary.

How many hours a week does Barack Obama work?

He works for around 50-60 hours weekly. Mr. Barack Obama’s schedule is pretty hectic and involves a lot of meetings with world leaders and he also looks after his organization.

This was all about Mr. Barack Obama’s daily routine now, let us take a look at his habits.

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Barack Obama’s Habits

We all have heard about how daily habits shape the personality of a person, and also the quality of one’s life.

Top leaders of the world have had habits that have helped them maintain a very good quality of life. With all the success that Mr. Obama has achieved, he has maintained a very good lifestyle filled with habits that have helped him achieve this fame and name.

Let us look into some habits that Mr. Obama follows daily.

Being mindful and grateful

You must have heard the importance of being present and mindful. With the rush and hectic life that we live, it has become significant for all of us to maintain good and healthy mental health. As working out is important for physical fitness, meditation, and other mental activities are important for mental health.

As soon as he wakes up, he tries to recollect in his mind the things for which he is grateful. He begins his day by having a small talk with his wife, Michelle. It sets his day.

Exercising daily

Yeah! The same old advice. But we all know how important it is to exercise given the kind of lifestyle that most of us are living. Sitting hours have increased, and most of us are facing health diseases like high B.P., and diabetes. It becomes important to pay attention to our health and focus on exercising daily to burn those extra calories.

Barack Obama makes sure that he spends 45 minutes exercising daily. It helps him stay active and fit. Even during his presidential campaign, he had not compromised his exercise time.

Spending time with his daughters and wife

We all have heard how he loves spending time with his daughters and the way he treats his daughters. For him, they are the best gifts from god to him, and he wants to spend most of the time with them.

Even during his term, he had always given his family a lot of his time and continues to do that.


He tries to give at least half-hour every day to reading. It helps him gain knowledge and also expands his language vocabulary. He also believes in continuous learning, so reading helps him do that. It also helps him relax and expand his knowledge.


After he retired from the presidential term, he has enough time to give to the fun activities that he liked. He wants to share his wisdom with the world through his writing. Moreover, writing helps him stay clear of his thoughts and helps him make better decisions in his life.

By now, we assume that you have enough insight as to how Obama became successful in his life. His habits have helped him maintain a rich quality of life. His thoughts and actions have helped him build a successful name for himself.

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The Bottom Line

We all are big fans of Mr. Obama and surely now bigger fans of Barack Obama’s schedule. We all are very well aware of the hectic routines lived by the world’s leaders. Even when Mr. Obama has retired he still tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be seen in the quality of relationships he has with people around him.

So if you have been looking for ways to enhance the quality of your life, you can surely pick up habits from Mr. Obama’s lifestyle. Remember that we all are built differently, so it will be better to customize your routine and adapt it to your lifestyle. You will see good results.