AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike Review (2023)

If you are among those people who are appalled by the thought of working out in a crowded gym, investing in an indoor exercise bike might sound like a great idea. However, to attain your fitness goal, it is essential to choose the right gym equipment.

It gets irksome if you have to upgrade and change your gym equipment every once in a while. It is also not feasible to get different gym equipment that will suit the varying needs of different individuals.

With the AtivaFit Indoor Cycling bike, you can sign in for a personalized indoor workout session. The bike has a modern design, uses high-end technology, and has the best quality components with the help of which, you can perform an excellent cardio workout session at home. 

This article explores the nitty-gritty of this bike so that you can have a clear idea about the product before you invest in this ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike.

AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike Review

AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike

AtivaFit has come up with a single indoor cycling bike that will cater to the requirements of different people, disregard their body type.

The adjustable leather seat can be pushed forward or pulled backwards, and the height of the handlebar can be adjusted, making the bike suitable for people whose heights range between 5’1” and 6’5”.

It also supports weight up to 275 lbs. The magnetic resistance also allows individuals to choose their workout intensity.



Features & Specs

Have a look at the features and key specifications of the AtivaFit indoor bike.

Features & Specs

Drive System

Belt Drive

Type of Resistance and Levels

Felt Resistance

Flywheel Weight

35 lbs

Number of Programs

No built in programs



LCD display with user-friendly interface

HRM/Pulse Monitor


Mobile Application

CardioClass. 30 days free membership

Water Bottle Holder


Transportation Wheels


Weight Capacity

275 lbs

Product Weight

83 lbs


40 x 29 x 10 inches

Unique Features

Cage pedal with strap, Top press down brake, Felted wool brake

The bike also has an IPad tablet holder where you can place your tablet and stream your favorite movie as you workout so that you enjoy your activity to the core! In addition, the LCD monitor gives you a real-time idea about your progress and keeps you motivated.

Build Quality

AtivaFit Bike Build Quality

If you are looking for a lightweight yet sturdy indoor stationary bike to bring home so that you can ace your fitness goals, the AtivaFit Indoor Bicycle is sure to suffice your requirements. The exercise bike has a durable and damage-resistant steel frame. Steel is also resistant to rust, which means your bike will not develop brown flakes!

Although it weighs only 83 lbs, the product is strong enough to endure weights as heavy as 275 lbs. In addition, there are transportation wheels affixed at the bottom of the exercise bike that make it easy to shift the equipment from one place to another.

The bike is equipped with the best quality and carefully designed parts so that one can enjoy a flawless indoor workout session.

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Quality of Parts

AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike Quality of Parts

The AtivaFit Indoor Cycling bike has a “multi-grip handlebar” made of PVC that offers a comfortable grip and enables individuals to exercise in multiple positions. The leather seat also allows a comfortable sitting position and is adjustable.

The bike has a flywheel that weighs 35 lbs. It also uses the combination of a belt-driven system and a wide range of adjustable resistance. One can adjust the intensity level of his workout by simply turning a tension knob.

The flywheel uses a felted wool brake system which makes sure that your spin bike doesn’t make a rumbling noise when you are pedaling. With the provision for adjusting the resistance, a person can change the intensity of his workout according to his fitness level.

The indoor exercise bike also has an immediate stop emergency brake to ensure your absolute safety during the ride. The pedals are designed in the form of a cage with safety buckles to fasten your feet and prevent them from slipping accidentally when you indulge in intense biking.

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Design & Technology

AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike Design & Technology

The AtivaFit bike has an ergonomic design. It is built to increase one’s workout efficiency to derive the most benefits out of his cycling session. Its dimensions measure 40 x 29 x 10 inches, and the design is suitable to fit almost any kind of room decor. In addition, the alloy steel frame of the bike is highly sturdy.

An LCD monitor is mounted near the handlebar where the rider can view details like the duration of workout, speed of pedaling, distance, your heart rate, and the calories burned. One can also watch television or listen to music while exercising so that the workout session does not become monotonous or feel like a chore. The design also includes an IPad holder.

The handlebar can be adjusted in 2 ways, and the seat can be adjusted in 4 ways. You can rest your elbows on the handlebars or lean back or forth while sitting on the leather seat.

Therefore, size of the bike is suitable for people of varying heights. People with a maximum height of 6’5″ can use this indoor bike conveniently. The bottle holder in the front is an added advantage!

Aesthetics and Styling

The bike sports a quirky black and white design and adds a statement to your room. It has a compact design, so you can easily squeeze it wherever you want. Once you bring home this indoor bike, you can have a real-road cycling experience right from the comfort of your house!

The steel frame has a black and grey color. It is a perfect blend of utility, durability, and good looks and will complement any room decor that you place it in.

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Pros & Cons

Given below are the pros and cons of the AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike.


  1. It incorporates the use of modern technology.
  2. Belt drive and Felt resistance.
  3. Anti-skid pedal cage design.
  4. Not at all noisy.
  5. Ergonomic design.
  6. Skeel design; easy to store
  7. Lifetime replacement on the parts.
  8. It supports a height up to 6’5″.
  9. Adjustable handlebars and seat.
  10. Less noise compared to other felt resistance spin bikes


  1. The maximum weight it can support is 275 lbs, which is quite less.
  2. Assembling the bike may be a hectic and time-consuming task.
  3. Some users have reported that the knob tends to turn loose after some time.



What to Expect?

Biking is a top-notch cardio exercise that rewards the body in many ways. However, once you start using the AtivaFit Indoor Cycling bike, you are not likely to see the results overnight. Sometimes, the workout can get highly strenuous, and you might even want to give up.

However, if you muster the strength to stick through, your body will witness the amazing benefits of cycling. Here is how your AtivaFit Indoor Cycling bike can help you enjoy the best workout session:

  1. Choose the workout intensity: You can up your workout level from beginner to intermediate simply by changing the resistance offered by the bike. This is equivalent to changing the gear when you are pedaling a bike on the road. This indoor exercise bike allows the riders the flexibility to alter the workout intensity according to their convenience. The bike harnesses the use of a felt resistance system that can be adjusted by the mere turning of a knob, and belt drive. This way, you can adjust the difficulty level of your exercise.
  2. Safe and comfortable exercising: The bike provides the utmost convenience in every way. Design of the bike is suitable for people of varying heights and weights. The handlebar height and seat position are adjustable. The handlebar can be positioned so that riders can rest their elbows while exercising. The pedal has been made in the form of a cage that entraps your feet and keeps them from sliding when you increase your cycling speed.
  3. Real-time performance analysis: The LCD monitor at the front of the bike allows you to keep track of your progress by measuring the duration for which you have been traveling, speed of cycling, the calories you have burnt, etc. You can also place your personal device in the IPad bracket and watch online movies or play songs as you exercise!

Pricing & Value

The listed price of this product is $299.99. This is a good deal to bring home this valuable gym equipment.

The amazing build, modern technology, and great functionality that it provides offer good value for money.



Is AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike Worth The Buy?

All the parts of the AtivaFit Indoor Cycling bike are of top-notch quality, making it a great indoor exercise bike to count on. The bike is very smooth and does not make any noise while spinning. The supreme quality steel frame and quality components will give you a feel like you are riding a real bike on the road.

Once you bring home this bike, your workout sessions will become more enjoyable and will no longer feel like a chore!

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AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike

Dr Workout

AtivaFit Indoor Cycling Bike
Build Quality


Owing to the strong build, the quiet resistance, adjustable handlebar and saddle, and a secured and comfortable ride, this product is worth your money. However, some people opine that the 275 lbs weight limit is slightly less. Apart from that, the exercise bike offers everything that you need to shed a few extra pounds and sport a toned physique!