AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench Review (2023)

If you are a gym rat and highly conscious about your health, having to isolate yourself and missing out on your exercise must be challenging for you.

Is your small apartment with less storage space keeping you from bringing home a piece of gym equipment? ATIVAFIT is a brand that takes care of all your requirements. You can continue working on achieving your body goals from the comfort of your home by bringing home an AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench.

Although this product lacks a few features and might not be the best weight bench in the market, it ticks most of the boxes of the features that you would look for in a workout bench for your home gym.

This article gives you a detailed review of the AtivaFit Adjustable Bench so that you have a complete idea about the equipment that you are investing in.

AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench Review

A versatile and robust piece of gym equipment that will cater to your requirements, the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench is sure to elevate the level of your home workout experience.

Despite the fact that the weight bench lacks some features like an adjustable seat and tremendous capacity, it is infused with qualities like six adjustable positions of back pads, a cushioned seat for great padding, and a sturdy framework.

Not only this, but the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench solves one of the biggest problems: where to store my gym equipment? It is easy to fold, so one can easily fold it and keep it away when the weight bench is not in use.

Discussed below are all the features and specifications of the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench so that you can make a careful selection.

AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench


Features & Specs

Features & Specs

Backrest Positions



Heavy-duty steel, High quality foam padding


56.69 x 18.11 x 7.68 inches

Weight Capacity

330 lbs

Product Weight

60.19 lbs

The sturdy build of the frame and the foam padding make sure that the workout session does not wear you out quickly. It can support a maximum weight of 330 lbs, which might be a little less than other weight benches available at the same price range.

Build Quality

AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench Build Quality

You would not like to replace your old gym equipment with a new one every alternate year. Therefore, you must assess the quality of the AtivaFit Weight Bench before bringing it home.

The AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench matches everyone’s expectations in terms of being durable and robust. It has a durable frame made of heavy-duty steel. It is incredibly sturdy and can bear weights up to 330 lbs. Therefore, your gym equipment is not likely to turn wobbly after a couple of months of usage.

Although this is an entry-level weight bench, AtivaFit has not compromised on the comfort factor as well! It harnesses the use of highly comfortable foam padding on the seat and backrest so that one does not feel fatigued while exercising.

The high-density foam is neither too soft nor too hard to avoid stability issues. In addition, the seat is covered in synthetic fabric, which makes it easy to wipe away sweat.

The bench design is adjustable- there are six different positions in which the bench can be put to allow the convenience of the users. You can also fold the bench and keep it away when you are not using it. This will help you declutter your room so that nothing looks out of place.

However, you might be a little disappointed to know that the AtivaFit Adjustable Bench does not have an adjustable seat. Non-adjustable seats reduce your pressing power and might hinder your workout process.

The bench is extremely light; therefore, moving it should not be an issue. It is also effortless to assemble. Most of the parts are already assembled; all one has to do is secure the seat using three bolts, and that’s it. You can easily follow the instructions mentioned in the manual.

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Aesthetics and Styling

AtivaFit Adjustable Bench

As has already been mentioned, the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench has a compact design. In addition, it has a rich black color and sleek red borders.

The best feature of this weight bench is its foldability. If your apartment is not very spacious, you can fold the equipment and keep it away. It can blend well with almost any kind of room decor.

Pros & Cons

Stated below are the pros and cons of the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench.


  1. Assembling the equipment is extremely hassle-free. It can be done in less than 15 minutes. The package contains a manual that has detailed instructions on how you can assemble the weight bench.
  2. It is lightweight. One can easily move the weight bench from one place to another.
  3. There are many reviews that state that the product is extremely sturdy and durable. Given that you maintain the maximum weight limit, your product should work fine for years!
  4. It is quite versatile as the back pad can be changed into six different positions according to the convenience of the user. Therefore, you can use the weight bench to work out in different positions.
  5. The high-density foam padding ensures a comfortable workout experience.
  6. The color scheme of the weight bench makes it an attractive addition to your room. The red and black colors make it pop!
  7. The AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench does not burn a hole in your pocket.


  1. The weight bench does not have an adjustable seat, which diminishes the support in inclined positions.
  2. This is an entry-level piece of gym equipment, which means it cannot be used for super heavylifting.
  3. There are no color options available.



What to Expect?

AtivaFit Adjustable Bench

If you are still wondering if the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench is going to be the perfect addition to your house and whether it will aid you to have the best home workout experience, here are a few things that you need to look into:

  1. Enjoy a whole body workout experience: With the AtivaFit Bench, you can do almost all the required exercises to keep your full body fit. With this multi-purpose workout bench, you can perform several exercises with plates and dumbbells that will help tone your body muscles. The AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench can endure weights up to 330 lbs.
  2. Steer clear of overcrowding your room: The AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench is easy to fold. Therefore, you can easily fold it and keep it away when you are not using it. You no longer have to worry about your gym equipment taking up a lot of space in your room!
  3. Assemble in minutes: Assembling the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench requires no effort at all! The product comes pre-assembled. You only have to attach the seat with the help of three bolts, and your product will be ready to use!

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Pricing & Value

You do not have to spend a fortune to buy the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench. It is priced only at $139.99. Affordable, isn’t it?

The only two major drawbacks of this weight bench that most people complain about are the seat height not being adjustable and the low weight capacity. But, apart from that, this is a good weight bench that you will get for this price.



Is AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench Worth The Buy?

If you want to make up for all the days you have missed going to the gym, the AtivaFit Adjustable Bench is your best companion. It can provide you with the best assistance you will require to remain fit while at home.

Due to its versatility and six backrest positions, you can exercise in a variety of positions. You can also use plates or dumbbells when you want. If the low weight capacity and non-adjustable seat height are not an issue for you, you can blindly go for this weight bench.

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AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench

Dr Workout

AtivaFit Adjustable Bench


Overall, the AtivaFit Adjustable Weight Bench is a decent product that you will find at such an affordable rate.
However, it is important to note that you cannot use it for intense workouts due to the limitations in weight capacity. If you are a beginner or in the intermediate stage, this weight bench will be extremely beneficial for you!