Ariana Grande Workout Routine

Ariana Grande tops the list of female pop stars who are not only known for their artistic prowess but also their aesthetic physiques. Grande has been in the music industry from a young age and she enjoys a massive fan base all over the world.

Numerous of her fans and followers have always been curious to know about her workout routine that keeps her in tip-top shape all the time.

If you are one of them, then this post is going to be for you. Here, we will be throwing light on Ariana Grande’s workout routine and will give you thoroughgoing information about it. Let’s get started.

Ariana Grande’s Workout Principles

Ariana Grande workout
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Ariana Grande’s workout plan exudes a great deal of simplicity. To maintain her lean and toned physique she doesn’t have to necessarily rely on a well-equipped gymnasium.

Her training program has a variety of bodyweight movements that keeps her physique in an attractive shape even when she is traveling.

Physical activities like bodyweight training, running, hiking, dancing, and pilates form the crux of Ariana Grande’s training routine. She seldom skips her workouts and when she does that, she ensures to indulge in activities like walking or playing a sport (preferably basketball) to compensate for her workouts.

Ariana Grande’s Workout Schedule

Ariana Grande workouts 6 days a week. Her exercise selection is different on each day. To make sure her body recovers well from her workouts, she prefers to have a day of rest in her weekly workout routine.

Ariana’s workout split for the week looks like the following:-

  • Monday- Bodyweight workout and 5-mile run
  • Tuesday- Long hike
  • Wednesday- Bodyweight workout and 30 minutes elliptical
  • Thursday- Dance exercise
  • Friday- Bodyweight workout and 30 minutes rowing or cycling
  • Saturday- Bodyweight workout and 5-mile run
  • Sunday- Rest

Ariana Grande’s Workout Routine

Ariana Grande’s workout
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By looking at the killer physique of Ariana Grande, one can be pretty sure that she must be a fitness freak, and that’s true. But she isn’t the typical gym rat who just eats, sleeps, trains, and repeats. Being a world-renowned pop star, she has a pretty hectic work schedule. From performing in live concerts to appearing in late-night talk shows, this American singer is on the go all the time.

Despite having such a busy lifestyle, she never allows her workout routine to take a backseat.

Even when she is traveling around the world for her concerts and public appearances and she doesn’t have a gymnasium around, she ensures to train her body regularly and that too with minimal exercise equipment.

Ariana Grande’s workout routine primarily targets muscle toning and fat loss. For the former, she relies on performing bodyweight movements and for the latter she incorporates various cardiovascular exercises into her exercise routine.

The most notable part of Ariana’s physique is her well-developed lower body. She has perfectly toned leg muscles and glutes that make her dance moves extremely appealing.

To train her lower body well, she performs a variety of lunges in her workout routine. Performing lunges are Ariana’s favorite exercise. She performs reverse lunges, skater lunges, curtsy lunges, and walking lunges to work on her lower body musculature.

These exercises also work on improving hip mobility and core stability. Glute bridges are another exercise that Ariana performs along with lunges to shape up her glutes.

When Ariana has access to a gym, she indulges in weight training sessions to maintain her lean and toned physique. She performs exercises like staggered stance deadlift, dumbbell curls, shoulder presses, triceps extensions, etc. with moderate weights to tone up her muscles.

As far as Ariana’s cardio workout routine is concerned, it includes exercises like hiking, cycling, and running. To maintain her lean physique she ensures to walk 12000-14000 steps in a day. She claims that walking makes her feel good and it keeps her fit and active.

Not to forget, Ariana is a pop star and when she dances in her live concerts, she sets the stage on fire. To perform such graceful dance moves, she has to go through a rigorous dance training which also act as a great cardio workout. It also contributes a lot towards keeping her in awesome shape. She has even stated,

“Nothing burns more calories than dancing in five-inch heels…try it!”

The following table will give you a detailed insight into Ariana Grande’s workout routine. It enlists the exercises that Ariana performs to keep herself in great shape 24×7:-

Ariana Grande workout routine


Ariana Grande’s Workout Plan


Sets x Reps/Duration

Monday, Wednesday and Friday- Cardio and Bodyweight workout

Varied Cardio (elliptical, treadmill, bike)

20-30 minutes

Walking Lunges

3 x 60 reps

Second Pike Plank

3 x 60 seconds

Reverse Lunges

3 x 60 reps

Glute Bridges

3 x 60 reps

Skater Lunges

3 x 60 reps

Plank Hold

3 x 60 seconds

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday- Hiking or cardio (30-60 mins) or sports (60+ minutes) or dancing

Sunday- Rest

Flexibility is crucial

Resistance training and cardio are the two most crucial parts of Ariana Grande’s workout plan. But she also includes certain exercises in her workout routine that work on enhancing her overall flexibility.

Greater flexibility not only keeps her body agile but also avoids the occurrence of certain injuries.

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Don’t overdo your workouts

Ariana has always been enthusiastic about her fitness regime but that doesn’t mean she overdoes her workouts.

On the days on which she has to rehearse for her dance performances, she keeps her regular workouts to a bare minimum.

She claims that one should never overtrain the body. Doing so subjects the body to excessive stress which often has adverse impacts on it.

Love for sports

Apart from being a fitness freak, Ariana also has a soft corner for basketball. Occasionally playing a game of basketball not only provides her a great full-body workout but also keeps her agile and athletic.

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Final Words

So this was all about Ariana Grande’s workout routine. If you are someone who finds working out a bit challenging in absence of adequate gym equipment, her workout plan would have surely inspired you.

 After all, it just requires some space and a will to shape up the body. If you want to attain a body like Ariana, you would also have to be consistent with your training routine. That way you would be able to keep your body in top condition in both the short and long term.