Are Ultraboost Good for Walking? The Unbiased Truth Revealed!

At the surface level, one would think that walking and running are identical activities. After all, they yield similar cardiovascular benefits, don’t they?

But when we look at it practically, the movement associated with each activity is different. In other words, runners have a different foot strike compared to walkers.

Just imagine it for yourself – when you are walking, you always have at least one foot down on the ground. On the other hand, there are periods and points while running when you have both of your feet off the ground, resulting in greater impact and varying weight distributions.

So, if both of these activities are so different, do they also require different shoes?

We all know that Adidas Ultraboost shoes are great for running. They have all the design features to support high-impact activities like training and performing daily running. But can they serve as good walking shoes as well?

In this article, we will explore the various features, benefits, and nuances of the popular Adidas Ultraboost model. We will also decipher if these shoes can be as good for walking as they are for running.

So without further ado, let’s dive straight into it!

Are Adidas Ultraboost Walking Shoes?

Are Adidas Ultraboost Walking Shoes

The Ultraboost shoes were never marketed or advertised as walking shoes. Instead, most people prefer to use them for running, training, or even as lifestyle shoes because of their futuristic and streamlined designs.

However, based on the features they possess as well as previous customer reviews, they can serve as good walking shoes as well. In fact, many people consider the Ultraboost line to be the best all-around shoe.

But because the developers and designers of the product paid more attention to the running aspect, athletes and fitness enthusiasts should pay attention to certain factors before using Ultraboosts for walking.

For example, we don’t recommend that you choose the Adidas Ultraboost shoe for all-day wear. This is because they offer a snug fit that is designed to keep the shoes in place around your feet even after being subjected to harsh impacts with the ground while running.

So, if you walk a lot throughout your day and want to wear these shoes on a 24/7 basis, we recommend choosing a lightweight variation like the Ultraboost Light to keep your feet comfortable. Otherwise, some of the other models might be too heavy and cause some pain or discomfort after prolonged periods.

All things considered, the Adidas Ultraboost shoes have all the features and a great build to serve as good walking shoes, even if they were originally designed for runners and casual wearers.


There are many benefits to wearing Ultraboosts for walking. Some of the major pros are as follows:-

Functional Outsole Features

The walking and running-related benefits of Ultraboosts start from the bottom of the product itself.

The outsole of the latest models is reinforced with Continental Rubber, a proprietary innovation of Adidas. The material is not only durable and lightweight for the outsole but also provides a firm grip on all kinds of surfaces.

As such, these shoes are good for walking on different terrains, even the rough ones in the wilderness.

Moreover, the outsoles also offer smooth flexibility to ensure secure and proper strides. So, whether you are walking on a treadmill or out in the wilderness, the Ultraboosts can be your trusted companion in all cases.

Good Midsole Support

The midsoles of all Adidas shoes are the primary driver for maximum energy return while running or walking. Ultraboosts, in particular, take this advantage to the next level.

They are designed in such a way that each capsule within the midsole operates together in sync to maximize the energy returns with every stride that you make.

While the midsoles of most Ultraboost shoes might be a tad too heavy, you can consider the UltraBoost Light model that comes with 30% lighter BOOST material if weight is an issue for you.

Breathable Upper

For prolonged walks, breathability is an important quality. Fortunately, Ultraboost shoes are made to be breathable because of their unique designs and innovative materials.

The uppers in most of the models are composed of PrimeKnit, along with some proprietary technology to provide a comfortable and snug fit. As such, the shoes will not slip off even in the roughest of terrains.

Effective Use of Linear Energy Point (LEP) Technique

Another strong point of Ultraboost shoes is that they deploy the Linear Energy Point (LEP) technique for maximizing the energy return offered with each stride.

The technology also aims at delivering maximum responsiveness throughout the gait cycle, leading to more efficient walks while reducing the risk of foot injuries.

Snug and Sock-Like Fit

One of the major pet peeves for people who walk over long distances is how their shoes feel after a certain while.

If the shoe fit is not right, they tend to slip away from around your feet and ultimately readjust themselves in an awkward position. When that happens, walking feels a little more difficult, and you might also face some discomfort or pain.

Fortunately, Ultraboost shoes pay special attention to providing a snug, sock-like fit. There is a slight room in the toe-box for your fingers to wiggle around, but not so much that the shoes begin to slip away while walking.

Similarly, the shoes are narrow-ended and sleek to ensure that they are not too wide and can comfortably hug the feet of the wearer.

However, the fit aspect can also be a con for people who want to wear these shoes throughout the entire day, as they may start feeling too tight and uncomfortable after a while.

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Despite offering many benefits, Ultraboost shoes also face some drawbacks. Following are the major cons associated with wearing the Adidas Ultraboost models as walking shoes:-

Not Good for All-Day Wear

The major drawback of Adidas Ultraboost shoes is that you cannot wear them throughout the entire day without facing some sort of discomfort or pain.

That’s because these shoes are specifically designed for athletes and should be worn for a limited window while you are training.

The shoes offer a snug and comfortable fit. However, they might begin feeling too tight after a while if you keep wearing them for the entire day.

Slightly Heavy Midsoles

The Ultraboost models are jam-packed with various features. From the proprietary BOOST technology to features that enhance and maximize the energy return, these shoes offer a combination of everything.

While that is usually a positive point, the presence of too many features makes the midsoles slightly heavier than other running shoes.

As such, many people might find it uncomfortable to wear while walking or running.

Takes Time to Adapt to the BOOST Technology

We have already mentioned that all Adidas shoes come with the premium BOOST technology for premium cushioning and a comfortable feel.

However, the Ultraboosts are especially well-equipped with this technology, along with some enhancements and upgrades from the previous model.

As such, the effect of the BOOST technology is very prominent. While many wearers like this quality, some others have complained that walking feels unnatural because of the added cushioning.

So, it might take a little while for you to get used to the BOOST technology if you have never tried any latest Adidas shoes in a while.

Are Adidas Ultraboost Good for Walking?

Are Adidas Ultraboost Good for Walking

Yes, Adidas Ultraboost shoes can actually serve as a decent pair of walking shoes. While they are primarily designed for runners and casual wearers, they also have the right feature sets to meet the requirements of people who walk regularly.

The shoes are made of durable materials, offer nice stability and support, maximize energy returns, and provide excellent cushioning and comfort.

Compared to other popular walking shoes on the market, Ultraboosts are more cost-effective and also offer better features in some cases.

For example, both Yeezy Boost 350 and Ultraboosts have the proprietary BOOST technology. And while Yeezy models are generally comfortable and good for casual walking, they cannot support the athletic requirements of fast and fitness-oriented long walks like Ultraboosts can.

In terms of weight, Ultraboosts definitely take the cake, even though they are slightly heavier for casual walkers. For example, Ultraboosts 19 weigh around 320 grams per piece. On the other hand, Yeazy 350 shoes weigh around 360 grams per piece. Walking shoes tend to be lighter, so Ultraboosts definitely have the edge in this regard.

In terms of width, Yeazy’s are more streamlined at the front. They also offer more space in the toe box for maximum comfort. Ultraboosts do not have this privilege. That’s because most of their models are designed for runners. So, a snug fit was required to prevent the shoes from slipping or moving too much due to the higher strike forces exerted on them.

In this regard, Yeazy offers a better alternative for walkers.

But in terms of heel support, Ultraboosts take the cake. That’s because they have a stellar heel drop height of around 10 mm, much higher compared to Yeazy’s. As such, it’s perfect for walkers who are all primarily heel strikers.

So, compared to the top alternative on the market (Yeazy), Adidas Ultraboosts are definitely great for more serious walkers who engage in fast-walking for fitness or training purposes.

Is Ultraboost Good for Long Walks?

Ultraboost shoes are also good for long walks, but only if you do not end up wearing them for the entire day.

Usually, if you are a regular walker with a regular mileage of around 5-12 miles in around 2-3 hours on a regular basis, the shoes will keep your feet well supported, comfortable, and not face any wear or tear.

However, if you keep wearing them for longer periods, then you might experience some pain and discomfort. That’s because these shoes are not designed to be worn throughout the day due to their sock-like fit.

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Final Words

We have all seen Adidas Ultraboost shoes being advertised as running shoes. But most people don’t know that they can serve as the perfect pair of walking shoes as well.

So, if you are looking for some new kicks that can be quite versatile and flexible, then Ultraboosts will surely fit the bill.