Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Open 24 Hours? (Yes, BUT…!)

Are you wishing to get that bronzy tan look but do not have the time to sunbathe? You could try indoor tanning which helps to achieve the same effect but more precisely.

Getting a tan is a must if you’re planning to visit the beaches. While it is true that you can get tanned naturally while basking under the sun, you can neither control the intensity of the sun rays nor can you get tanned at all hours of the day. In such a scenario indoor tanning comes as a rescue.

However,  is a tanning salon the only place where you can get indoor tanning done to your full body? Have you ever wondered if other places provide tanning services say for example your gym? Yes, you heard that right. Some gyms do offer a wide variety of experiences other than simply fitness. And one among them is the widely popular fitness chain called Planet Fitness!

If you want to know some important information regarding the tanning services at Planet Fitness such as at what hours are they open or how often can you get a tan done at Planet Fitness, then keep on reading this article.

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Open 24 Hours?

Are Planet Fitness Tanning Beds Open 24 Hours

Yes, Planet Fitness tanning beds are open 24 hours. More precisely, you can avail of the tanning services for as long as the branch nearest to you operates. So if you have a Planet Fitness gym near you that is open 24/7, then the chances of their tanning beds being available round the clock is most definite.

This is a great advantage for anyone not having the time to get a tan during the daytime due to work or any other preoccupations. With their 24-hour tanning facility, you can get an indoor tan at your desired time.

However, you must keep in mind that you can use the tanning bed only for a limited period of time in a day. Let us discuss in greater detail about the tanning hours at Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Tanning Hours

If you are a black card member at Planet Fitness, then you can enjoy getting a tan at the tanning beds no matter what time of the day or night it may be. This allows you to get a tan at your own preferred time be it 2 pm or 2 am at the night.

There is no risk of getting an indoor tan at Planet Fitness even at night because their tanning machines are equipped with some key safety factors like a timer so you do not have to worry if you accidentally doze off on the tanning bed.

Planet Fitness also sells these cheap eye goggles which will protect your eyes from UV rays. You can either purchase them directly at Planet Fitness or you can buy them from outside as well.

Please note that while the tanning beds are open to being availed at all hours, the tanning booths are not. Usually, for the tanning booths, where you get a tan while standing upright, the time when it can be used is generally displayed near the tanning booth area itself (max 9 minutes).

It must also be noted that you can get a tan only once per day as per the health laws that run when it comes to tanning.

Planet Fitness will keep a log whenever you want to get a tan so you don’t accidentally risk yourself to excessive rays.

Also, use the tanning bed only for a limited period of time because overexposure to UV rays can be harmful to your skin and can even result in skin burns.

How Often Can You Tan At Planet Fitness?

How Often Can You Tan At Planet Fitness

No, you cannot get an unlimited number of tanning sessions at Planet Fitness just because you are a black card member. You can get a tan only once in 24 hours. This is done for your safety, following the health laws that run throughout the country.

Planet Fitness will keep a log every time you use their tanning facility so that you do not accidentally pose any hazard to yourself.

It is however advised that to have that beautiful even tan, you get another session only after 48 hours after your first one.

The time period for using the tanning bed is also limited to 9 minutes. Since the tanning facility is self-operated, you must set the timer carefully. If you do not have any idea about what might be suitable, you can ask someone on the premises to help you out.

Usually, people who have used the tanning beds at Planet Fitness have remarked how you can get a tan in just 5 mins! 

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The Bottom Line

So instead of paying any extra to get a tan elsewhere, you can easily avail the tanning facility at Planet Fitness when you’re already a black card member.

Planet Fitness also ensures good hygiene and other basic key safety measures for their tanning beds so you can get a tan without any worries.