Are Mongoose Bikes Good? (Review 2023)

Mongoose is a much-celebrated bike manufacturing brand that gives a tough fight to its contemporary bicycle brands. The company manufactures sturdy and durable bikes that meet the varying requirements of different individuals.

You may want to own a bike for fitness or enjoy a leisurely ride in your neighborhood park. Who would not like to purchase a bike that can ride through smooth as well as rough terrains with equal ease? Starting from a daily-use commuting bike to a bike that can glide like a beast through snow, Mongoose has it all!

Mongoose has deployed many entry-level as well as professional bicycles in the market that suit the different kinds of needs of riders. So whether you are a professional rider looking forward to buying a high-level bike or an individual who simply wants a bicycle for a daily commute, Mongoose has everything in store for you!

This article will give you a brief idea about the different kinds of Mongoose bikes available in the market and whether the brand can be relied upon.

Are Mongoose Bikes Good?

Are Mongoose Bikes Good

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The bikes manufactured by Mongoose can be classified into two main categories. On the one hand, there are department store-level bikes featured by Mongoose. On the other hand, Mongoose has BMX bikes that are used for sports.

The urban bikes are not of the optimum quality as they are not equipped with the most robust framework, great performance, or the best seat. Nevertheless, they are available at a dirt-cheap rate and hence, are a good value for money. They are ideally suited for newbies who have budget constraints.

The high-end BMX bikes have a strong metal suspension that ensures strength and robustness to the product. The Mongoose mountain bikes deserve special mention as they can ride through all kinds of terrains and still make sure that riders can enjoy a comfortable and pleasurable ride!

Mongoose bikes have sometimes been criticized for being weak and having poor reliability. However, these features can be attributed to how decently the rider uses the bike.

Is Mongoose A Good Bike Brand?

Mongoose is a renowned brand that has been manufacturing great quality bikes since its inception in 1974. It manufactures various products like mountain bikes, racing bikes, bikes for daily commute, and fat-tire bikes.

The regular Mongoose bikes, which you will find in a departmental store, do not have excellent endurance. Therefore, drop your idea of taking these bikes to tournaments or weekend adventures!

Of all the bikes manufactured by Mongoose, the mountain bikes have superior quality and deliver the best performance. They have sturdy and tough essentials like handlebars, tires, frames, and tubes and can better withstand the challenges offered by steep, rocky terrains.

Not only this, but the bikes are available at extremely affordable rates and do not burn a hole in your pocket. The company manufactures products that target men, women, as well as children. In a nutshell, Mongoose is a great bike brand that sells the best quality bikes at extremely affordable rates.



Are Mongoose Bikes Made In USA?

The brand, Mongoose, was founded in 1974 in California. The company has its headquarters in Madison, US. Despite being founded in the US, Mongoose imports its products from Asian suppliers, especially those in China and Taiwan.

The cheaper models that are used for daily commute are built as well as assembled in China. However, the components of the professional bikes of Mongoose are made in Taiwan and sometimes some other Asian countries. They are later assembled in the Madison headquarters and some other distribution centers.

However, the company does not compromise on the quality of the bikes. Once you use a Mongoose MTB or BMX, you will know that all Chinese goods don’t necessarily have average built quality. The company still sells the best quality products at the most pocket-friendly rates.

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What is The Quality of Mongoose Bikes?

Although the price of a Mongoose bicycle is slightly on the lower end, the brand never compromises the quality of the components used to make the bikes.

However, the features may vary depending on the price. For instance, the low-cost bikes are equipped with caliper brakes, the mid-range ones have mechanical disc brakes, and the most expensive ones are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

The company manufactures everything ranging from fat-tire bikes for riding in the snow to mountain bikes for riding on rocky, graveled paths. Each of these bikes is specially designed to endure the conditions that it will be subjected to.

Be it a basic entry-level bike or a professional racing bike; Mongoose never disappoints its customers.



What Types Of Bikes Mongoose Makes?

Mongoose manufactures different kinds of bikes that can be made suitable for the varying needs of people. There are bikes that can be used by men, women, as well as children.

Listed below are the different types of Mongoose bikes that are available in the market:

BMX Bikes

Be it for fun or for competition, Mongoose BMX bikes are an ideal tool for you if you want to enjoy some leisurely time in the fresh air. These BMX bikes are designed such that you get to acquire different biking skills as you ride.

These bikes have sturdy frames that can take the riders through different kinds of terrains that might come in the way of an adventure, race, or practice. The bikes perform just as well in the dirt as they do in racing tracks.

Keeping the adversities and uncertainties of a ride in mind, Mongoose has also equipped these BMX bikes with a responsive and efficient brake system. In addition, the steering is linked to the braking system. This amplifies the control that the rider has on the bike.

Therefore, Mongoose features a vast collection of BMX bikes that can be used for freestyling as well as racing.

Mountain Bikes

If you plan to ride uphill, you need to equip yourself with the best bike that will enhance your experience while keeping you comfortable and safe.

When it comes to buying the best mountain bike while you are tight on budget, nothing comes at par with a Mongoose MTB. The brand has a wide variety of Mountain bikes that can take you through the most challenging terrains with the utmost ease. You will come across many reviews that sing praises of Mongoose Mountain bikes.

Mongoose has five kinds of Mountain bikes: Cross Country, Down Hill, Fat Bike, Dirt Jump, and Trail. With their sturdy frames, rear and front disc brakes, and shock-resistant tires, these mountain bikes can help you quickly avert any accident while riding through rough terrains.

Urban Bikes

Be it for commuting to school or work daily or pedaling across the country roads,  Urban Bike by Mongoose should be your good-to-go companion.

These bikes are more suitable for short-distance rides. Although the build of these bikes may not be as strong as that of mountain bikes, they are still quite sturdy. These commuter bikes are a perfect blend of style and comfort.

The Mongoose Urban bikes are of two types: adventure and cargo. These bikes will rekindle the adventurous spirit in you and urge you to take a ride along the country roads. They also have a vast carrying capacity so that you can stack all your goodies and enjoy a carefree ride!

Kids Bikes

Mongoose targets audiences of all age groups. It is also known for manufacturing kids’ bikes of varying kinds.

Be it MTB, BMX, Fat Bikes, or Balance Bikes for kids; Mongoose has it all! Owing to the sheer excellence of quality, robustness, and good looks of these bikes, they are going to be your kid’s perfect introduction to the world of cycling!

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Pros & Cons

Have a look at the pros and cons associated with Mongoose bikes.


  1. These bikes do not put a strain on your pocket.
  2. They sport a lightweight yet durable frame.
  3. The alignment and design of the cycles ensure optimum comfort to the riders.
  4. There are many designs to choose from.
  5. It is easy to assemble the bikes.
  6. The BMX & mountain bikes by this brand are great at absorbing shocks.


  1. The handlebars have grip shifts that accidentally alter the gear.
  2. Some of the bike models are slightly heavy.
  3. The bikes that have heavy tires are challenging to ride on a flat surface.

Are Mongoose Bikes Worth The Money?

Yes, a Mongoose bike is an excellent value for money. Even though you don’t even have to spend a fortune to purchase a Mongoose bike, you still get rewarded with numerous excellent features!




The variety of bikes manufactured by Mongoose speaks volumes about how much the brand values customer satisfaction. If you are asked to review a Mongoose product, you cannot help but mention the cheap price of the bikes.

The entry-level bikes featured by Mongoose are cheap and solely meant for moderate uses. Of course, you can use it for regular commuting, but if you plan to take it on an adventure trip, your bike won’t last long. On the other hand, Mongoose mountain bikes are heavy-duty and can be taken on arduous rides.

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However, how long a Mongoose bike will last depends solely on the user and how he uses the bike. In a nutshell, if you are looking for the cheapest and best bikes in the market, Mongoose is a name you can count on.