Anytime Fitness Tanning (Beginner’s Guide)

Anytime Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the whole world. With over 4,700 clubs spread across 30 countries, the franchise is home to millions of fitness enthusiasts on a global scale.

If you are working out at one of the Anytime Fitness gyms, you would undoubtedly be familiar with the amenities they offer.

At Anytime Fitness, you won’t find distracting elements or facilities like saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, and so on. The franchise is focused strictly on helping experienced as well as newbie bodybuilders concentrate on their workouts.

But that doesn’t mean that there are no amenities at Anytime Fitness. Apart from a diverse range of functional equipment and machines, members also get access to a section specifically devoted to HydroMassage and tanning.

Most Anytime Fitness gyms have a tanning bed where members can enjoy a safe and relaxing session of indoor tanning at no additional cost.

So, if you have a tanning booth at your Anytime Fitness Club and are wondering how to use it, we have the ultimate guide for you.

Anytime Fitness Tanning

How Does Tanning Work at Anytime Fitness?

Indoor tanning is a premium amenity offered by most Anytime Fitness gyms, especially the ones located in urban areas. This is a primary benefit, especially when you realize that a sole tanning session can cost anywhere between $50 and $100 at spas and other wellness centers.

Anytime Fitness members have the option to use the franchise’s tanning booth whenever they want, as their gyms are operational on a 24/7 basis.

Although the tanning section is separated from the other areas where people perform strength and cardio workouts, they are essentially within the same club. As such, you can enjoy getting tanned in the same place where you train.

In fact, many Anytime Fitness members have added tanning as an integral part of their post-workout routine.

Anytime Fitness gyms have tanning beds where members can simply step inside and let the UVA and UVB rays do their work.

It’s also important to note that different Anytime Fitness gyms use different types of tanning booths:-

  1. Tanning beds:- In some gyms, you can expect to see a conventional tanning bed where you have the option to lie down during the process.
  2. Stand-up tanning booths:- On the other hand, some locations also use stand-up tanning booths where members can step inside and get tanned while standing up. This type of booth is especially useful for people who are claustrophobic or don’t feel comfortable lying down in closed spaces for long periods.

So, it’s best to call the nearest or preferred Anytime Fitness Club and confirm the kind of tanning machine that they are using.

Most locations have more than one tanning bed. The actual number depends on the size of the facility as well as the policy set by each individual owner of the franchise.

Usually, the tanning section is not occupied for too long. Anytime Fitness gyms are hardly ever crowded because of their extensive accessibility and availability in different areas. So, not a lot of members complain about potentially long waiting times to use the tanning booth.

There is no monthly or yearly limit on how many times an Anytime Fitness member can use the club’s tanning beds. However, the franchise has limited access to the tanning booth to one use per day, for safety reasons as well as to ensure that everyone gets a chance by avoiding long wait times.

To access the tanning section, AF members will need to carry their key fobs. After getting out of the booth, you will have to wait for 24 hours before you can use it again.

The general recommendation, however, is that members only use tanning beds once every 2 or 3 days, at the very least.

How to Use Tanning Beds at Anytime Fitness?

How to Use Tanning Beds at Anytime Fitness

Using a tanning bed at Anytime Fitness is pretty easy and convenient. All you need to do is walk inside the gym and ask the staff members at the front desk if an appointment is required.

Usually, you don’t need to do that; you can simply enter the tanning booth using your key fob. Please note that using the key fob to access the tanning section will mean that you won’t be able to do it again for the next 24 hours.

Now that you are inside the tanning section, you need to see if there’s any tanning bed available. Usually, you won’t have a problem doing this because Anytime Fitness gyms are rarely ever crowded.

But on some occasions during peak hours, you might have to wait for a while before you get a bed to yourself.

At Anytime Fitness, each tanning bed is located inside a private chamber where you don’t have to worry about someone walking in you. This facility is especially useful because you need to undress entirely before getting inside the tanning bed.

Some people keep their socks on, but doing so is not recommended as it can lead to tan lines on your body.

Once you find a free tanning booth, proceed as follows:-

  • Remove your clothing. Make sure that you rid yourself of any wearables, including watches, chains, socks, and so on.
  • Put on some protective lotion if it’s available.
  • Put on your protective glasses. You can usually find them in the same room.
  • Get inside the bed. If it’s a stand-up tanning bed, then simply walk and stand in the center. If it’s a conventional tanning bed, lie down and make yourself comfortable.
  • Once you have positioned yourself perfectly, pull down the canopy and close the booth.
  • After that, you will have five minutes to adjust yourself before the tanning bed starts working automatically.
  • However, if you are ready before that, you can simply locate the control panel (usually on the right side of the bed) and hit the green-colored Start button.
  • When the machine starts working, simply lie down or stand up in a comfortable position and let the UV rays wash over your entire body.
  • The tanning booth will turn off automatically after a while. Usually, these beds are designed to work for a maximum of 10-15 minutes per session for the safety of the users.
  • If you want to have shorter sessions, you can simply turn off the machine by pressing the START/STOP button.
  • Once the machine has turned off, you can open the canopy, get out of bed, and get dressed.


Before leaving, make sure that you clean the tanning bed so that the member next in line does not have to face any inconvenience.

There is a disinfecting spray placed in the room that you can use to clean the bed. This spray vanishes quickly and keeps the facility clean.

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Anytime Fitness Tanning Rules

Anytime Fitness Tanning Rules

Anytime Fitness does not have a lot of rigid rules when it comes to using their tanning beds. However, some general guidelines are as follows:

  • You must have an active membership at Anytime Fitness to be able to use this facility at no additional cost.
  • You must carry the key fob with you.
  • You cannot use a tanning bed twice within 24 hours.
  • There are no monthly or yearly restrictions on how frequently the tanning booth can be used by an individual member.
  • Members should clean the tanning beds after completing their session.

Benefits of Having Indoor Tanning at the Gym?

Scientifically speaking, indoor tanning is a much better and safer option compared to sun tanning.

There are many benefits of having this facility within your gym:

  • Indoor tanning beds at the gym make it more convenient for bodybuilders who want to incorporate tanning into their fitness routines by providing a one-step platform for doing both.
  • Indoor tanning beds are safer because the UV rays to which the skin is exposed can be regulated and controlled by the user.
  • With indoor tanning, there is an assurance of year-round availability, irrespective of season or weather conditions.
  • Tanning stimulates vitamin D production in our bodies, which is good for our bone health as well as some other important bodily functions.
  • Indoor tanning services are included in your gym’s membership cost. So you don’t have to spend anything extra to use the tanning booth.

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Wrapping Up

A lot of gyms affiliated with Anytime Fitness have well-equipped tanning sections. You can find different types of tanning equipment there, including stand-up booths and beds.

At Anytime Fitness, members have 24/7 access to tanning beds, allowing them to incorporate tanning into their fitness schedules.

Overall, commercial gyms like Anytime Fitness have made tanning more accessible and affordable for the general public.