Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2023

With more than 4000 clubs across the globe, Anytime Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains internationally. And as the name suggests, the gym is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a week.

Therefore, Anytime Fitness has always been a popular choice for people of different professions, lifestyles, and age groups.

Besides such flexible workout timings, their reasonable pricing is yet another reason why Anytime Fitness is a much preferred fitness destination not only in the USA, but all around the world.

So, what is the cost of an Anytime Fitness membership? With monthly prices generally set at $38.99, there are also opportunities to grab great discounts. The final pricing may vary from club to club. The reason is, each club is owned locally, and prices may vary from location to location.

Proceeding further in this article, we will guide you through Anytime Fitness membership cost details and other relevant points you should keep in mind.

Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost
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Anytime Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Given below is a quick table of Anytime Fitness prices:

Anytime Fitness  Prices & Membership Cost

Monthly Membership

One Person

Initiation fee


Monthly fee


One-Time key fee


Cancelation fee


Two person membership

Initiation fee


Monthly fee


One-Time key fee


Cancelation fee


12 Month Membership

One Person

Initiation fee (Yearly)


Yearly fee


One-Time key fee(Yearly)


Cancelation fee(Yearly)


Two Person

Initiation fee (Yearly)


Yearly fee


One-Time key fee(Yearly)


Cancelation fee(Yearly)


Those were the general rates for Anytime Fitness memberships. And keep in mind, individual Anytime Fitness clubs are owned by different parties and thus, final prices may vary from club to club. 

The final cost may depend on the facilities available at a club, the size of the town, etc. But still, it should not deviate much from what we discussed above. 

How much does Anytime Fitness cost?

The most notable feature of an Anytime Fitness membership is, there is no such thing as a long term contract. That means, you can exit the membership easily after a certain number of months. 

Most packages at Anytime Fitness are usually monthly and yearly based. However, there may be some 6 month, 18 month or other-duration packages at some clubs. To learn more about the membership duration options available, you can always contact them directly.

Now, speaking of the fees, generally, Anytime Fitness cost for a single person is $38.99 in the United States. For the monthly membership, you may also have to pay $49.99 as an initiation fee as well.

And if you are planning to visit Anytime Fitness along with your partner, then there are greater discounts waiting for you. Instead of paying $38.99 separately for both members, your combined Anytime Fitness monthly fee will be $59.99 only.  

But in the couple membership as well, each person will have to pay $49.99 as the initiation fee. In fact, the initiation fee of $49.99 is the same for almost every kind of Anytime Fitness membership, including the yearly membership.

Speaking of the Anytime Fitness yearly membership, you can grab one by paying $407.99 a year. And if you visit as a couple, your combined annual fee will be a discounted $659.99 only. 

And frankly, we do love this discount offered by Anytime Fitness on couple memberships. 

But that’s just not the end of Anytime Fitness discounts, because they do have great offers for senior citizens, military, police and firefighting personnel, and even for college students. So, if you belong to any of these, or similar categories, great discounts may be waiting for you at Anytime Fitness.

To learn more about additional discounts, contact the club you wish to start your membership in. That being said, your Anytime Fitness membership is never restricted to a single club, and you can visit any of their clubs located at more than 4000 locations all around the globe. That too, usually at no extra cost!

Now, if you wish to freeze your Anytime Fitness membership, or even want to cancel it, you can do it for almost free of cost. And keep in mind, most other gyms charge you extra fees not only for freezing, but even for canceling your membership. In that aspect as well, Anytime Fitness is a great relief for budget gym goers. 

So, those were the usual Anytime Fitness prices. But we are repeating again, we suggest you contact the club near you directly for final fee structures. Doing so will not only give you a clearer idea about final rates but also help you grab special deals and discounts. 

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How much does it cost to join Anytime Fitness?

It depends on location. But generally, the cost of joining an Anytime Fitness is $49.99 per person. The fee is the same in cases of both monthly and yearly memberships. 

How much does Anytime Fitness couples membership cost?

You can get decent discounts on Anytime Fitness couples membership costs.

If you and your partner are having a monthly membership, you will have to pay only $59.99. That is a great deal, especially compared to when both of you take single memberships for $79.98 in total. 

Additionally, if you both take a yearly Anytime Fitness membership, your fees will be $659.99 only. 

Anytime Fitness Personal Trainer cost

Well, the cost for Anytime Fitness personal trainer varies from location to location. That means, you may have to visit the Anytime Fitness club you wish to make your home club and enquire by yourself. 

However, we do have an approximate idea regarding the price of the same. Generally, an Anytime Fitness personal trainer cost is $35 per hour. 

Also, when you join Anytime Fitness for the first time, they will appoint with you an expert trainer, who will give you all guidance on how to approach your fitness journey. This initial training is totally free of charge!

Anytime Fitness Deals & Discounts

Anytime Fitness Deals & Discounts
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There are several deals and discounts on Anytime Fitness prices, their 20% discount on couple membership being an example. Besides that, most Anytime Fitness clubs do offer memberships at great offer for university students and senior citizens. Because, Anytime Fitness have themselves made it clear that they care about the fitness of people of all age groups.

Additionally, they also offer discounts for military officers, police officers, firefighters, and similar professionals. 

These discounts on Anytime Fitness membership costs and deals are often finalized by local clubs. Therefore, you can contact one directly to learn more about deals and discounts. 

In addition to the deals we discussed here, individual Anytime Fitness clubs may offer some other deals. So, contacting them directly is always a great option. 

Anytime Fitness Student Discount

Most Anytime Fitness clubs offer student discounts, and the discount numbers may vary from club to club.

For instance, most clubs give students a discount of 15%, whereas some other gyms will let students workout at $35 per month. 

So, if you are a student (18+, or a university student) and looking for a discounted gym membership, then Anytime Fitness can be an ideal option for you. For more details, contact the club near you. 

But keep in mind, not all Anytime Fitness give student discounts, and thus, contacting the club directly is always recommended. 

Anytime fitness military discount

Yes, Anytime Fitness does offer military discounts. But as always, you need to contact an Anytime Fitness club by yourself. Discounts are also available for police officers, firefighters, etc. 

Anytime fitness senior discount

Yes, senior citizens can also get an Anytime Fitness membership at discounted rates. Individual gyms have different policies on senior citizen memberships, however. 

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How much is Anytime Fitness a week?

There is no such thing as a weekly cost at Anytime Fitness. But considering the monthly membership fee of $38.99, you will be paying roughly $9 per week. 

We believe paying $9 at Anytime Fitness is really worth it. 

Can I go to any Anytime Fitness Club with my membership?

Yes, you can go to any Anytime Fitness with your membership, not only to clubs within your country, but anywhere around the globe. 

In other words, when you take an Anytime Fitness membership, you are actually taking a global gym membership. And thus, you can visit around 4000 gyms that are located all around the globe. 

Isn’t that great?

Can I freeze my Anytime Fitness membership?

Yes, there are always options to freeze Anytime Fitness memberships. However, the procedures, and fees of doing so will vary from location to location. 

The reason for this variation is, each club is basically owned by different parties, although they come under the Anytime Fitness chain. 

How much does it cost to cancel Anytime Fitness membership?

No, there is supposedly no cost to cancel Anytime Fitness membership. As visible from the price chart, Anytime Fitness usually doesn’t have any contracts or other strings attached. Only monthly and yearly memberships, that’s all. 

Is it hard to cancel Anytime Fitness membership?

No, it will usually not be hard to cancel Anytime Fitness membership. If you are opting for either their monthly or yearly plans, your membership will be automatically cancelled after that period. And of course, you can always extend your Anytime Fitness membership. 

Anytime Fitness guest fee

Most Anytime Fitness clubs give free guest memberships for a period of 7 days. 

But before enrolling for the guest membership, you may have to make some caution deposits (prices may vary). After the trial period, if you do not wish to get a regular membership, your deposit will be refunded. 

Anytime Fitness Group classes fee

Once you pay those membership related fees, Anytime Fitness classes are totally free. You can also attend their group sessions of Yoga, Pilates etc. at no extra cost!

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Final Thoughts

Anytime Fitness is not merely a typical gym with some usual weight training machines. Instead, it has great additional facilities which you can use at no extra fee. 

So, considering all these facilities besides state of art equipment and flexible workout culture, Anytime Fitness is really worth trying. And we would say the Anytime Fitness prices are therefore reasonable