Anytime Fitness Equipment List (A Detailed Look)

Anytime Fitness gives you access to all the facilities that you could need. It’s the ultimate destination for any serious bodybuilder across the world.

With over 4,700 locations across 30 different countries, Anytime Fitness is one of the biggest global gym franchises. And there’s a reason why the chain is so popular – it keeps its members happy and satisfied.

Apart from offering well-equipped cardio and weightlifting sections, other amenities like HydroMassage, Tanning, family memberships, and worldwide access to all their fitness clubs with a single key fob is something that everyone has come to appreciate.

It’s moderately priced and still can be compared to some of the premium franchises like Equinox and Lifetime Fitness.

But that sounds too good to be true!

In such cases, people begin to wonder why they are getting these immaculate services at such an affordable price. In most cases, you would think that the gym does not have good machines or equipment to support your workouts.

Is that the case at Anytime Fitness gyms too? Let’s find out.

Anytime Fitness Equipment List

Anytime Fitness Equipment List
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Before we move on, it’s imperative to understand that Anytime Fitness operates on a franchise model. That means that all the individual AF gyms are owned by different people, usually locals.

So, all Anytime Fitness gyms have different kinds of machines and equipment within their premises. Some Anytime Fitness clubs, especially the ones located in rural areas, are relatively smaller and have less diversity in terms of equipment.

Others are larger and can accommodate more machines and free weights.

To get a better idea of what you can find at the Anytime Fitness club near you, it’s better to book a tour and see for yourself.

Therefore, we are only going to talk about some of the common equipment that you are sure to find in most Anytime Fitness gyms around the globe.


Anytime Fitness Cardio Equipment List
Anytime Fitness Cardio Equipment

Anytime Fitness gyms are not large by any means. In fact, they are pretty standard in size. With that in mind, they usually make the best out of the space that is available to them, dividing the overall area into separate sections for cardio, weightlifting, and leisure activities.

In most cases, the cardio section is pretty basic. It contains all the machines and equipment that you would expect to find in a commercial gym.

However, all the members agree that the quality of machines offered by Anytime Fitness is generally superior to any of the local gyms in their areas.

Here is a complete list of cardio machines and equipment offered at a standard Anytime Fitness gym:

  • Treadmills
  • Spin Bikes
  • Stair Machines
  • Rowing Machines
  • Elliptical machine
  • Ski Machine
  • Battle Ropes
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Tractor Tires

The treadmills and spin bikes used at Anytime Fitness are usually the latest models, like the 93Ti and 95Ti, with shock absorptions systems and built-in LCD screen with heart rate monitoring technologies. In general, you can expect to see around 5 treadmills inside the cardio section. But some of the larger clubs have more than 10 treadmills.

The spin bikes also have the same kind of features – ergonomic build, an attached LCD screen, and heart-rate monitoring.

It’s true, however, that Anytime Fitness gyms are not big in terms of size and area. Therefore, don’t expect to see a large number of machines in the cardio section.

Fortunately, apart from some days during rush hour, most Anytime Fitness locations are hardly ever crowded because of how accessible the franchise is.

Strength Machines

Anytime Fitness Strength Machines
Anytime Fitness Strength Machines

There are many strength-based machines and equipment at most Anytime Fitness gyms. But due to space constraints, they are usually limited in quantity.

Again, unless you go during rush hour, you’ll be fine, as Anytime Fitness is known for being relatively less crowded than other commercial gyms. The wait times for using a strength machine are practically zero.

Here is a list of strength-based equipment used by Anytime Fitness:

  • Half Racks and Full Racks
  • Smith Machines
  • Leg Press Machine
  • Leg Extension Machine
  • Lying Leg Curl Machine
  • Calf Raise Machine
  • Bench Press (All Angles)
  • Pec Deck Machine
  • Cable Crossovers
  • Preacher Machine
  • Cable Lat Pulldown Machine
  • Cable Row Machine
  • T-Bar Machine
  • Shoulder Press Machine
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Hyperextension Machine

In most cases, you will find one or two power racks at Anytime Fitness because of the limited space available. However, some of the larger facilities might have more racks.

The strength section of different Anytime Fitness gyms has different kinds of machines and equipment. Some might not be powerlifting-friendly as they have limited space and lesser machines.

On the other hand, larger facilities usually have more equipment, allowing members to train flexibly as per their routine. Only some locations, however, have a deadlift platform.

So, before you sign up, it’s best if you check out the strength section of each Anytime Fitness gym beforehand.

Free Weights

Anytime Fitness Free Weights
Anytime Fitness Free Weights

As we mentioned, the cardio and strength sections of Anytime Fitness are pretty standard – not sub-par, but definitely not too impressive.

However, the area where the franchise separates itself from other local commercial gyms is free weights. Usually, you will find free weights like dumbbells in the same section where you’ll find strength-based machines like power racks.

But if you are going to one of the more expensive Anytime Fitness gyms in a major city, then you might have a larger facility and a separate section for free weights too.

Here is a list of free weights used at Anytime Fitness:

  • Dumbbells
  • Olympic Plates
  • Olympic Bars
  • Pre-Loaded Barbells
  • Adjustable Benches
  • EZ Curl Bars
  • Bamboo Barbells (in some locations)
  • Kettlebells
  • Medicine Ball

As you can see, the free weights section of Anytime Fitness is well-equipped with everything that you would need to get some serious gains. They can facilitate many different exercises, including bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats, chest presses, and so on.

Moreover, there is great diversity in terms of the weight of free weights as well. For instance, you can find light dumbbells as well as dumbbells that go up to 100 or 150 pounds. So, there are plenty of free weights for both experienced and inexperienced fitness enthusiasts.

The Olympic barbell weighs around 45 pounds. Then, you can make it heavier by adding a plate on either side. There are many plates available between the weights of 2.5 pounds and 45 pounds each.

The pre-loaded barbell weighs anywhere between 20 pounds and 120 pounds and is better suited to meet the needs of beginners.


Anytime Fitness Tanning Booth
Anytime Fitness Tanning Booth

Anytime Fitness is a gym franchise that focuses solely on bodybuilding and fitness. As such, there is limited emphasis on leisure activities like swimming, sports, dancing, and so on.

However, there are some machines available in this category:

  • HydroMassage Beds
  • Tanning Beds

HydroMassage Beds are state-of-the-art machines that use pressure from waterjet sprays to give a relaxing massage session to members. It is useful for relieving muscle soreness, improving muscle recovery, and increasing blood circulation in the body.

Anytime Fitness members can use the HydroMassage section whenever they want.

Tanning beds are available in some Anytime Fitness clubs. Some locations have stand-up booths, while some have beds where members need to lie down, fully unclothed, to get tanned through the use of UV rays.

Both tanning beds and hydromassage beds have become a regular part of the fitness routines of many Anytime Fitness members.

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Does Anytime Fitness Have Squat Racks?

Yes, most Anytime Fitness gyms have at least one squat rack in the strength section. Depending on the size of the facility, there might be more squat racks to allow several members to work out together.

Are There Bench Presses at Anytime Fitness?

Yes, you can usually find bench press at any local Anytime Fitness Club. Bench Presses are available in most locations.

Final Words

Anytime Fitness has a wide range of machines and equipment spread across the strength, cardio, free weights, and leisure sections.

However, the quantity and quality of amenities available also depend on the specific Anytime Fitness where you are working out.

The best way to find out more about the facilities offered by your nearest Anytime Fitness gyms is to get a free 7 day trial period and try out the equipment by yourself.