Anushka Sharma’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Anushka Sharma is one of the most prominent names in the Hindi film industry. She started her career as a model and then went on to become a successful Bollywood actor. She even runs a clothing line named ‘Nush’ which has been quite a favorite brand amongst youngsters.

But it’s not just her acting and entrepreneurial skills that impress her fans. She also has a personality that truly makes her a diva. Her body exudes a great deal of aesthetics and athleticism and many of her fans are willing to know about her fitness regime in detail.

So without further ado, let’s give you a detailed overview of Anushka Sharma’s workout routine and diet plan where lies the secret to her great shape and peak fitness levels.

Anushka Sharma's Workout Routine and Diet Plan
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Anushka Sharma’s Workout Principles

Anushka Sharma sports a body that is tall, lean, and immensely athletic. Owing to this reason, she is playing the role of a renowned female cricketer in her next movie.

To maintain her gorgeous physique, Anushka relies on a workout plan that amalgamates different training styles such as yoga, dance, resistance training, and cardio. Just like her physical health she also takes good care of her mental health by practicing meditation.

Anushka Sharma’s Workout Routine

Even though Anushka takes good care of her fitness levels, she cannot be considered a typical gym rat who just lives in the gym. Her workout routine is not just confined within the four walls of a modern gym setup.

Anushka Sharma’s workout routine is all about combining different training styles and relying on a holistic approach to staying fit. Her workout routine incorporates the following training styles:-


Anushka swears about the effectiveness of performing yoga. She even went on to say that yoga has not only improved her physical health but has also impacted her mental health in the most positive way.

To maintain her lean and slender physique, she performs the following yoga poses:-

  • Warrior pose
  • Tree pose
  • Boat pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Headstand pose
  • Bow pose
  • Sun Salutation

Performing the above-mentioned poses keeps her body flexible and agile. So if you too wanna get a body like Anushka, don’t forget to incorporate yoga into your workout routine.


Anushka’s other favorite form of exercise is dance. And this can be known from the killer dance moves that she has exhibited in numerous Bollywood numbers. She dances almost every other day for around 15-30 minutes to maintain her enviable physique.

Dance not only provides her entire body with a decent workout but also refreshes her mind. It also contributes positively toward improving her body balance and mind-muscle coordination.

Weight training

Anushka has never been a big fan of weight training but still performs it 3-4 times a week to give her body a toned appearance. In her weight training sessions, she lifts light-moderate weights and performs a higher number of repetitions in the range of 15-20 reps.

Her weight training routine includes the following exercises:-

  • Dumbbell overhead press
  • Lateral raises
  • Dumbbell bicep curls
  • Dumbbell overhead extensions
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Goblet squats
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Dumbbell split squats

On days when Anushka doesn’t have access to a well-equipped gym setup, she prefers to go for a walk to keep her body fit and active.

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To maintain her lean and toned figure, Anushka has to rely on cardiovascular exercises to burn off excess fat from her frame. Her cardio routine includes the following exercises:-

  • Running
  • Elliptical
  • Skipping
  • Spot jogging

Her favorite form of cardio is running. Therefore, on days when she can’t train for long, she prefers to do running either on the treadmill or outdoors.


Anushka has indeed a pretty hectic daily schedule. And you must be knowing that a hectic schedule often increases the stress levels of individuals. To counter such an issue, Anushka incorporates meditation into her daily routine.

Performing meditation lowers her stress levels and it also keeps her mental health in check. Hence, she performs meditation twice a day, once after waking up and another before going to bed.

Rest is crucial

Even though Anushka is quite serious about exercising her body, she makes it a point to give adequate rest to her body as well. Once or twice a week, she takes a rest day on which she doesn’t train and provides her body ample time to recover and recuperate.

To keep her recovery on point, she also ensures to have 8-9 hours of sleep every night.

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Anushka Sharma’s Diet Plan

Right from the time Anushka started her movie career, she has never been out of shape. She has always been pretty cautious about how she feeds her body and this dedication shows up in her lean and toned body.

However, this doesn’t mean that she relies on some crash diets and food fads. She is strictly against those concepts. Her diet plan is all about eating as healthy as possible.

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Anushka Sharma follows a balanced diet plan which has a high proportion of proteins and a low proportion of carbs.

Anushka consumes around 4 major meals in a day. So let’s have a look at all the food items that are a part of Anushka Sharma’s meal plan:-

Meal 1- Breakfast

  • Oatmeal
  • Toast
  • Fresh fruits
  • Fruit juice

Meal 2- Lunch

  • Lentils
  • Roti(s)
  • Vegetables

Meal 3- Midday snacks

  • Cheese toast
  • Water or coconut water

Meal 4- Dinner

  • Lentils
  • Roti
  • Vegetables

Meal 5- Before bed

  • One glass of milk


When it comes to snacks, she prefers having fresh fruits, nuts, protein bars, and a healthy drink containing elderflower. All these not only fetch her body with essential nutrients but also keep her hunger pangs away.

Portion control

Anushka practices portion control to keep herself in great shape all the time. She counts her servings and ensures to feed her body adequately with all the essential nutrients and good calories.

Food items to avoid

To ensure that she doesn’t put on unhealthy weight on her frame, Anushka stays away from having oily or junk food items. Also, food items that are loaded with empty calories or are excessively fried or processed find no place in her diet chart.

Cheat meals

At times, Anushka likes to satisfy her taste buds, and to serve that purpose she eats whatever she likes. But she ensures to do so in moderation. Her favorite cheat meal food item is waffles which she likes having at night.

Staying hydrated

To keep her body well-hydrated, Anushka makes it a point to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It also enables her to flush out toxins from her system.

Anushka Sharma’s Supplements

Anushka has never been over-reliant on supplements. However, she includes a few of them in her nutrition plan. This is because since she has switched to veganism, at times it becomes quite challenging for her to derive all the nutrients just from plant-based food items.

Anushka Sharma’s supplements stack includes the following:-

  • Vegan protein powder
  • Multivitamins

The former enables her body to remain in an anabolic state by fueling it with adequate protein whereas the latter fetches it with different micronutrients. Taking a multivitamin supplement also keeps the health of her hair, skin, and nails in check.

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Wrapping Up

So that was all about Anushka Sharma’s workout routine and diet plan. You can structure your fitness regime based on it and we are sure it will get you great results. Just make sure to make certain modifications to it based on your fitness goals.

Another thing that you must be concerned about is being consistent with sticking to your training program and nutrition plan. If you can do so, you will surely get your desired results.