Anthony Mackie Diet Plan

Anthony Mackie is an American Movie star with an enormous fan following. He has been featured in several films, television series, and plays as well.

Although he started making his appearance on the movie platform since 2002, he got his shot of fame in 2014 for his famous character Falcon in ” Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Instantly it took him to the peak of stardom.

Apart from his acting skills, he is also popular for his outstanding physique. Watching that six-pack and mean muscular biceps, we can speculate how hardworking and dedicated he is towards his body.

Seeing him on the big screen makes many of us wonder what all he eats to be so fit and agile! Let’s go through Anthony Mackie’s meal plan, and observe what he consumes.

Anthony Mackie’s Diet Plan

Anthony Mackie Diet Plan
Marvel Studios
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Anthony prefers to eat every two hours to make sure he is never far from packing up those lean muscles. He has also replaced his snack cravings with unsalted Almonds in his meal plan.

As Anthony is inclined towards bulking up, he prefers to consume a large amount of protein in his daily diet. Be it eggs, bacon, fish, or chicken, he makes sure he is never short of protein-enriched food items on his platter.

Let’s see what all it takes to build Anthony Mackie’s diet plan.

Anthony Mackie’s Meal Plan


Eggs, Smoothie, Steel cut oats


Protein Shake, 1 tbsp of Almond Butter, Almond Water, Almond Milk


Fish/Grilled Chicken Cutlets, Vegetables, Salad


Chicken/Lamb, Brown Rice, Quinoa

Anthony is always very particular about his diet intake. He makes sure that whatever is there on his diet plan, is clean and fresh. On the same hand, he advises drinking an adequate amount of water, to keep his body well quenched. Water not only keeps you hydrated, but it also keeps digestion in the proper run.

He also shares his fondness for Turmeric and Collagen. As he is a heavy lifter, his joints are always under pressure and Collagen helps in benefiting his joints.

What To Eat

Being a fitness freak, he is always on for a clean diet and fewer cheat days in his regime. He loves to munch on high-protein meals and using the energy generated by them for lifting serious amount of weight.

Anthony Mackie Diet
Marvel Studios

Eatables we can commonly find in his nutritional plan are as follows:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Lamb
  • Protein Shake
  • Brown Rice

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What To Avoid

As we know Anthony is a clean eater. He does have his cheat meal, but that also happens very rarely. As every fitness enthusiast, he also considers some food items to be kept out of his diet chart. Eatables that he says a big no in his meals are as follows:

  • Fried food
  • Junk food
  • Refined sugar
  • Artificial flavors

Anthony Mackie’s Supplements

As we get to know Anthony is not too much into consuming supplements. Still, he has a little share of his protein and vitamins coming from these sources. Anthony Mackie’s Supplement list is not a long tale, but it’s an effective one.

  • Whey Protein – By now we have known how much importance this supplement holds in every fitness enthusiast’s life. Whey protein not only helps in attaining that lean muscle physique, but it also helps in repairing the broken muscle at the time of intense workouts.
  • Multi-Vitamins – Although fitness buffs cover most of their vitamin requirements with all possible sources, still this one supplement gives them that extra support for meeting those extra nutritional needs. Its antioxidant property keeps their immunity strong.


Although Anthony Mackie is a big name in Hollywood, still he works day in and out on his fitness. We all know how pressurizing it is to be on your toes all the time, especially when all eyes are on you. As you are a role model for many of your fans, every step you take can be a landmark for them. Anthony knows his responsibilities being a movie star and he follows what should be the cleanest and practical approach to attain fitness.

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Discerning his eating habits we can say it’s not a rocket science to eat healthily and lead a healthy lifestyle. One has to be aware and particular about what and how much to eat. So we can follow this easy and clean eating Anthony Mackie’s diet and be healthy and fit like our ‘ Falcon ‘ is.