Andrei Deiu’s Workout Routine

When Andrei Deiu grabbed his bodybuilding pro card in 2011 following the MP teens victory, he was one of the youngest bodybuilders to achieve the feat. 

Andrei used to be a fat kid in his early teens and was often ridiculed for being so. However, over years, through consistent effort and determination, this Romanian sensation conquered greater heights in the sport.

So, for those looking to shred off fat and get jacked, Andrei Deiu is a great inspiration. He doesn’t follow the conventional style of bodybuilding; instead, he opts for his own style and has made a unique mark in bodybuilding.

And to help you in your journey towards a greater physique, here is a compilation of Andrei Deiu’s workout routine that made him what he is. So, read along, and learn what it takes to be in your dream physique.

Andrei Deiu’s Workout Principles

Andrei Deiu’s Workout
Andrei Deiu in an Instagram Photo (Andrei Deiu / Instagram)
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For Andrei Deiu, perfection is all about three things- consistency and dedication, hunger for success, and ultimately, the mentality to never give up.

This principle has been very pivotal in Andrei Deiu’s journey into a shredded bodybuilding sensation. 

Speaking of Andrei Deiu’s training routine, he focuses more on his weak areas, and puts more effort into strengthening each and every body part. For these reasons, Andrei trains his legs and shoulders more often; that is, twice a week.

Like he has always been, Andrei Deiu’s workout routine is way different and unorthodox compared to other bodybuilding workout splits. He starts his week with chest day on Monday and ends it with his second lower body session on Sunday. That is, no rest days! 

Andrei Deiu tries maintaining his lean physique all around the season, instead of bulking and then cutting. Indeed, it is quite obvious looking at his training program. 

Andrei Deiu’s Workout Schedule

Andrei Deiu Workout
Andrei Deiu in an Instagram Photo (Andrei Deiu / Instagram)

Andrei Deiu trains his shoulders and legs twice a week. For chest, back, and arms, he spares one day per week and for Abs, Andrei Deiu trains three times a week. 

And due to such a packed workout schedule, Andrei Deiu hits the gym almost all seven days a week. 

  •   Monday: Chest and Shoulder
  •   Tuesday:Back and Abs
  •   Wednesday:Shoulders
  •   Thursday:Abs and Cardio 
  •   Friday:Lower Body (Quads and Calves)
  •   Saturday:Arms and Abs 
  •   Sunday:Lower Body (Hamstring and Quads)

Andrei Deiu’s Workout Routine 

Giving special focus to individual muscle groups is the key, according to Andrei Deiu. For these reasons, he spares each day for intense training of one or two muscle groups, all week long. 

Given below is a quick table of Andrei Deiu’s workout plan that he follows usually:

Andrei Deiu Workout Routine 


Andrei Deiu Workout Plan


Set x Reps

Day 1: Chest and Shoulders

Inclined barbell chest press

4 x 10-12

Incline Press Ups

4 x 10-12

Incline Cable Fly

4 x 10-15

Flat Dumbbell Press

3 x 8-10 + 1 Drop Set

Machine Chest Fly

4 x 10-12

Seated Lateral Raises

5 x 10-15 + 1 Drop Set

Day 2: Back and Abs

Pull Ups



5 x 10-12

Seated Cable Row

4 x 10-12

Machine Pullovers

4 x 10-12

One Arm Dumbbell Rows

3 x -10


3 x 8-10

Leg Raises

4 x 15-20

Cable Crunches

3 x 10-15

Day 3: Shoulders

Military press

4 x 8-10

Barbell Front Raises

4 x 8-10

Seated Side Lateral Raises

5 x 10-15

Standing One Arm Lateral Raises

5 x 10-12

Seated Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises

4 x 10-12

Reverse Pec Deck Fly


Dumbbell Shrugs

4 x 8-10

Day 4: Abs and Cardio

Decline Leg Raises

4 x 12-15

Cable Crunches

4 x 10-15

Hanging Oblique Knee Raises

3 x 10

Steady State Cardio: 1 hour Inclined Treadmill Running

Day 5: Lower Body (Quads and Calves)

Warm Up: 15 Minutes Bike


6 x 8-15

Narrow Stance Leg Press

4 x 12-15

Leg Extensions

6 x 10-15

Single Leg Extensions

6 x 15

Standing Calf Raises

5 x 16-18

Day 6: Arms And Abs

EZ Bar Skull Crushers

4 x 10-12

Rope Pushdowns

5 x 10-15

Reverse Single Arm Extensions

3 x 10-12

Barbell Curls

4 x 8-10

Reverse Barbell Curls

4 x 8-10

Seated Concentration Curls

4 x 10-12

Air Bike

4 x 15-20

Side Lateral Leg Raises

4 x 10-12

Day 7: Lower Body (Hamstrings and Calves)


4 x 10-12

Wide Stance Leg Press

5 x 10-12

Seated Leg Curls

5 x 10-12

Straight Legged Deadlifts

3 x 10-15

Calf Press

5 x 10-15

Standing Calf Raises

3 x 10

During his workout sessions, Andrei Deiu often goes for super sets and drop sets. It helps him enhance muscle growth. 

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Stay Lean Whole Year

When asked whether he prefers first bulking and then cutting or staying lean all along, Andrei Deiu said he would prefer the latter.

That is, Andrei puts in regular, consistent effort to maintain his jacked physique throughout the year, no matter if it is the off-season or on-season. 

Andrei Deiu's training routine
Andrei Deiu in an Instagram Photo (Andrei Deiu / Instagram)

Favorite Arm Exercise

Andrei Deiu has got an impressive 19″ arm. When asked which arm exercise he does and enjoys doing the most, Andrei said it is rope pushdowns. 

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Final Thoughts

For Andrei Deiu, training the weakest parts is important. But at the same time, he gives great care to all his muscle groups.

Ultimately, if you are looking to maintain a lean yet muscular physique, then the Andrei Deiu’s workout program is a great approach we would recommend.

That being said, finding a perfect training program is just the beginning. To achieve success, you need to believe in yourself and the strategy, and work harder.