Alexis Ren’s Diet Plan

Alexis Ren came into the Limelight of modeling when she was just 13 years old. Within two years, she became a modeling sensation and gained an amazing follower base on the internet.

More than ten years into her modeling career, Ren’s perfectly made, heavenly body still wows fashion enthusiasts and fitness freaks alike. Alexis Ren’s diet plan had a significant role in making her a modeling sensation.

Standing tall at 5 foot 8 inches, Alexis Ren had all it takes to be a supermodel. However, the journey has never been easy for her. Behind her success, there is a little heard story of obstacles she faced in her life, and sacrifices she made to reach where she is.

Through her more than 10 million strong follower base, this Instagram model is inspiring young women across the globe to pursue their dreams. So, if you are dreaming of a modeling career, or even a slim physique, you can draw inspiration from this exotic model.

This article is a compilation of Alexis Ren’s diet plan that helps her stay in shape. Read along and learn what it takes to be a slim queen.

Alexis Ren’s Diet Plan

Alexis Ren Diet
Alexis Ren in an Instagram Photo (Alexis Ren / Instagram)
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The importance of a proper diet can never be overlooked when it comes to modeling. Ren knows exactly that, and has therefore prepared the perfect diet plan to stay slim.

Alexis Ren’s meal plan is focused mainly on lower calorie intake without compromising on nutrients. Additionally, she insists on avoiding certain food items from her meal plan and gives great care to include some.

She eats a lot of fruits and vegetables, and costumes meat in lower quantities, or just enough to meet protein requirements. She also believes taking smaller meals at frequent intervals is the perfect diet strategy for fat burning, provided you exercise.

And we know how effective her diet strategy would be, if that has been keeping her super slim for more than a decade.

Here is Alexis Ren’s meal plan that helped her achieve her modeling goals

Alexis Ren’s meal plan


Coffee, Fruit smoothies (mixed fruits, like berries), Pancake (free from gluten), eggs


Kale, Chicken salad, veggies, Fruit mix


Veggie burger, Lettuce bun, and avocado, Banana ice cream made with almond milk

Snacks (2-3 times a day)

Mixed fruit salad (Fruits like papaya, mango, pineapple, berries, etc.), protein bars, Trail mix free from chocolate, kale chips, rice crackers, almond butter

According to Alexis Ren, healthy eating not only benefits your body, but also helps you have a healthier mind. 

  • Alexis Ren follows her diet chart strictly, and makes no excuses.
  • In addition to following a strict diet plan, she does different types of exercises, like weight training, cardio, yoga, trekking, etc.
  • She prefers eating organic food
  • Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is a must for Alexis Ren. Sufficient water intake keeps her body hydrated, and therefore, healthy. 
  • She eats her last meal of the day before seven in the evening.

What To Eat

Although not a strict vegan, Alexis Ren prefers vegetables to meat and poultry food. But still, she consumes chicken and other meat items in smaller quantities. 

Ren eats a wide range of food items to ensure that her body is receiving every important nutrient. 

If you are planning on imitating Alexis Ren’s diet, here are the types of food items you should eat. 

  • Clean vegetables, preferably organic
  • Wide range of fruits, like berries, citrus fruits, other fiber-rich fruits, and many more.
  • Fish and chicken in small quantities
  • Eggs 
  • Leaf items like kale and broccoli
  • Avocado 
  • Almond milk
  • Ice creams made using no chemicals (Ren like banana ice cream )
  • Salads of fruits and veggies

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What To Avoid

We all know, bidding adieu to those appetizing food items is hard. But if you dream of having an exotic physique like Ren, you should make sacrifices. 

Here are the kinds of food items you should avoid if you wish to follow a diet similar to Alexis Ren. 

  • Red meat
  • Alcohol
  • Bread or any gluten food
  • Poultry food
  • Fast food 
  • Any other meal rich in carbs and fat.

Alexis Ren’s Supplements

It is quite evident that Ren’s diet is limited. In order to ensure that her body is not missing out on key nutrients, she consumes certain supplements. 

But always keep in mind, Ren is a professional and chooses her supplements after taking expert advice. Hence, if you’re planning on following her nutrition plan, you should take expert advice before taking these supplements. 

Here are the supplements taken by Alexis Ren that complete her nutrition plan. 

  • Protein powder: As we have seen, Ren is not a fan of eating a lot of meat. Therefore, to compensate for her protein loss due to limited meals, she takes vegan protein powder on a regular basis. 
  • Stevia: Ren would keep artificial sugar from her meals without any second thought. This led her to stevia. She uses it regularly, especially while making smoothies. In addition to adding tasty flavor, stevia helps her in lowering calorie intake and reducing blood sugar. 
  • Fat burner: If there is only one thing that Ren could do, it would be burning fat. In addition to limiting her calorie intake and doing multiple exercises, Ren takes fat burner regularly
  • Greens powder: Alexis Ren begins her day earlier in the morning. To kick-start her day, she drinks green juice every morning as soon as she’s up from her bed. Green powder is a rich source of several vitamins and nutrients, which are hard to obtain through a strict diet.
  • Collagen: Being a successful model, Ren cares a lot about her beautiful, tanned skin. To keep her skin clean and healthy, she consumes collagen. Beyond skin protection, collagen also enhances bodily activities and keeps her energy throughout the day.
  • Biotin: we were all impressed on seeing Ren maintaining her teen looks even in her mid-twenties. Surely, she is a gifted girl and gonna stay young for decades to come.  But Ren is a hardworking girl and has a lot of stress to handle. To ensure that regular stress is not affecting her youthfulness, she takes Biotin capsules daily.
  • Probiotic: stomach health is crucial for someone like her who has a busy schedule every day. She takes precautions by taking probiotics to ensure that her stomach stays healthy, especially when she’s traveling.
  • Digestive enzymes: Ren needs to stay super cool in her modeling sections. And she knows that nothing can spoil a photo shoot day like a bad stomach. To prevent bloating and other stomach discomforts, Ren takes digestive enzymes. This lets her stay confident and have a good day at work.

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Final Words

That was the magical diet plan which helped Alexis Ren to maintain her killer physique. She has a strict policy on what, how much, and when to eat. Following the diet as such may look challenging, but is worth trying. 

If you are into modeling or want to have a super slim body, Alexis Ren’s diet is perhaps the best fit for you. But following her diet is just the beginning, and you have to work your ass off to realize your dreams. Like Ren, do a variety of exercises, and keep a positive mindset.