Alana Thompson Weight Loss: Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Alana Thompson, also known as Honey Boo Boo, is a popular name when it comes to hearing weight loss stories of celebrities. The star has done some seriously good job in shedding the extra pounds off her body. She takes immense pride in posting photos of herself on Instagram and flaunts her beauty, showing off how much she has lost weight.

Honey Boo Boo definitely feels awesome in her own skin; she does not pay heed to what her haters have to say about her. Although she hasn’t mentioned the exact number of pounds she has lost, Alana Thompson’s before and after weight loss photos speak volumes about the transition that she has brought about in her body.

There has been a lot of controversy over Alana Thompson’s weight loss plan. While some say that it doesn’t work, the others believe that if followed whole-heartedly, the plan can work wonders on the body.

The young American Reality kid definitely has earned a lot of fame due to the hullabaloo surrounding her body weight. Read on to find out.

Alana Thompson Weight Loss
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How much weight has Alana Thompson lost in total?

There is no definite answer to this question; all we can say is that the American Reality kid has lost “a lot” of weight, and is still on her journey to shed the excess fat off her body.

Her Instagram photos are evidence which show that Honey Boo Boo has been battling all the criticism and body-shaming and trying to slim down. Alana Thompson’s weight loss photos serve as an inspiration for many.

Alana Thompson’s weight loss journey & before and after photos 

The best way to visibly measure progress is to click pictures. The star keeps her life updated by pictures of Instagram, which clearly show that she had made considerable progress in her weight loss journey.

If you have a look at Alana Thompson’s before and after losing weight photos, you cannot help but praise the amount of dedication the young girl must have put into it.

Alana Thompson's weight loss journey
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Alana got her trait of being bulky from her mother

Alana has been popular from a very young age. She earned fame from her mother’s popular show titled “Mama June: From Not to Hot.” Her mother too was a big woman and was known for her amazing weight loss journey. The woman had shedded as much as 300 pounds while she was on the show.

Nevertheless, Alana’s family was a troubled one, mostly due to the drug issues of June, her mother. This tore the family apart in 2019. Nevertheless, Alana never faltered from her goal despite all the troubles and hardships. She took control over her fitness and weight, and made it through like a queen!

Alana’s father too had health issues

Alana’s father, Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson was another reason why she took the idea of losing weight so seriously. Her father has diabetes and faces a number of health issues. He had been in a diabetic coma for many days and would often get dizzy and faint.

The fact that diabetes is hereditary bothers the family. Alana didn’t want to meet the same fate as her father, nor did she want to live with the fear of dying any day. Therefore, she set out on her fitness journey.

Her weight loss journey is no hush-hush

Alana Thompson had been vocal about her weight loss journey. Around October 2020, the celeb had revealed that she was working on losing her weight. It was after this that her fans started taking note of her weight in her Instagram photos.

Her Instagram photos reveal her weight loss journey

Honey Boo Boo had posted stunning images of herself in her Instagram profile, in which her followers noticed the stark difference in her before and after figure.

They were thrilled to see that the young American actress has been really serious on her weight loss journey. What they have admired more is the consistency with which she had continued to shed the extra pounds off her body.

The more you see her recent photos, the better you will be able to notice the progress she has made in due course.

How did Alana Thompson lose weight?

How did Alana Thompson lose weight
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A popular American kid, Alana Thompson has been popular for being obese. As she grew up, the unwanted pounds on her body also started piling up, making her look extremely bulky and unhealthy.

The young girl has been victim of a lot of body shaming, but has always managed to brave a smile on her face.

Alana corrected her problem of being overweight mostly by eating healthy. Read on to find out how the champ did it all and brought about a remarkable weight loss transformation!

Alana’s oil free diet from when she was 9

Alana’s mother herself was struggling with being overweight and was aware of the problems that tag along when you are bulky. She knew that if Alana did not adhere to a healthy diet and proper exercise, then she would meet the same fate as her mother, June’s.

The American kid already weighed 125 pounds at the age of 9. Shocking, ain’t it? Well, not that much of a surprise if a teen eats 20 chicken nuggets at one go. Alana’s uncle, “Uncle Poodle,” said that he blames Alana’s mother for her excess weight as she has no control over her daughter’s unhealthy eating habits.

The more she continued to consume junk food, the more her health deteriorated and she started being exposed to the risk of developing respiratory and other health issues.

Following her mother’s footsteps

Alana’s mother had to take care of her diet and undergo a gastric bypass surgery to shed 300 pounds. She, having herself experienced it, didn’t want her daughter to go through the same.

Although it was difficult to keep a kid away from junk food, Alana’s mother tried to get her on a healthy diet.

As she entered teenage, she understood the importance of becoming lean, as it would become easier for her to draw the attention of boys of her age. Ever since then, she has been cutting out on oily food and eliminating the consumption of trans-fat.

This was beneficial as it slashed the possibility of acquiring high blood pressure and strokes.

She had visited The Doctor’s Show with her mother earlier, after which she added more and more vegetables and fruits to her diet.

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Alana Thompson’s Workout Routine

A diet or a workout plan alone cannot suffice for one’s desire for a slimmer body. The same holds true for Alana Thompson as well. Her fans cannot stop asking for Alana Thompson’s weight loss workout plan.

Her fitness routine still remains obscure

Alana, although very vocal about her weight loss journey, has not revealed much about Alana Thompson’s Workout routine. Given that she had managed to shrug off pounds in a very short time, it can be assumed that Alana has relied on an increased level of activities and a regular exercise routine to burn more calories.

She had a Trainer to help her

The family had hired a trainer to help them combat their excessive weight and carve out a workout plan for them. Alana Thompson’s training routine included some resistance exercises and jogging. Natasha Fett was their trainer, and the trainer gave them exercises that were simple and did not need any gym equipment.

Nevertheless, although the training and exercises included in Alana Thompson’s workout plan are simple, they need a lot of commitment and motivation. Apart from that, she also resorts to an everyday evening walk.


Alana Thompson’s Diet Plan

Next up, all those who follow Alana Thompson are pretty curious to know about Alana Thompson’s weight loss diet plan. Read on to find out.

Alana steers clear of oil, salt, and other harmful ingredients

Although it is clear that Alana Thompson’s meal plan has no room for the consumption of oil, salt, and other unhealthy meal and food items to stay in shape, much has not been known about her diet plan, eating schedule, and the portions of food that she eats.

Fruits and Vegetables for a healthy diet

Alana also includes adequate fruits and vegetables in her diet chart. Therefore, Alana Thompson’s meal plan and Alana Thompson’s weight loss journey are clear evidence of the fact that the key to healthy living is healthy eating.

Alana Thompson’s Supplements

Much has not been known about the supplements that Honey Boo Boo might be taking, but some of the common supplements that are a part of everyone’s diet, and maybe apart of her diet too, are:

  1. Collagen
  2. Omega 3
  3. Multivitamin Supplements
  4. Vitamin D3
  5. Biotin

Although supplements can never be a substitute for a nutritious diet, their task is to make up for the gaps that might be left in one’s diet. Therefore, the importance of supplements in one’s diet cannot be neglected.

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The Bottom Line

Alana Thompson’s weight loss story is truly remarkable. If you too are a victim of emotional eating and want to lose weight, draw inspiration from Alana Thompson’s weight loss!

The once fatty and obese star kid is now taking proud steps towards getting in shape. The now 15-year-old earns glares and praises from all her fans every time she uploads something new on her Instagram profile.

Now if that has been quite a motivating read and the plan looks simple enough, when are you starting your weight loss journey?