Alan Thrall Program Spreadsheet (Untamed Method)

The Alan Thrall Program, aka Untamed Strength Program, is a 13-week long program. It has been created by Barbell Medicine for Alan Thrall of Untamed Strength. As its name only suggests, it is a workout program intended towards facilitating strength gains. The main chunk of this program includes performing basic compound lifts. These include squats, deadlifts, overhead press, and bench press. However, some accessory exercises are also included in this training method.

For a majority of the exercises that you perform under this program, the weight of your last set is a percentage of your 1 RM. While following the Untamed Method, you also keep on adding up the weights every week, which ensures progressive resistance.

The best thing about the Alan Thrall Program is that you don’t need to have a specific level of fitness if you want to follow it. You can get started even if you have the bare minimum equipment and training experience. Just be consistent with this program, and the results will surely be worth it.

The prime purpose of the Alan Thrall Program or the Untamed Method is to promote strength gains. It keeps on getting more and more intense after every few weeks just like any other powerlifting program. The increasing intensity allows your muscles to adapt to the heavy workload, which further translates into strength gains.

Alan Thrall Program – Untamed Method

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Program Principles

The progression in Alan Thrall’s program is based on a 6-minute AMRAP. It refers to the number of clean reps that a lifter can perform in multiple sets within 6 minutes. It includes the rest time between the sets as well.

Alan Thrall’s program makes use of myo reps. Now, you must be wondering what exactly are myo reps. Isn’t it?

Myo reps refer to reps that are performed after a very short rest period/pause between the sets.

  • It is recommended by Thrall himself that one must hit an activation set before starting the myo reps. Activation set demands you to hit almost failure with a moderate weight. You can even hit a rep range of 25-30 reps on your activation set. Just make sure it fatigues your muscle adequately. This intraset fatigue build-up is responsible for recruiting a maximum amount of muscle fibers. It is then leveraged which promotes hypertrophy on the subsequent back-off sets. Those back-off sets are performed taking little rest in between the sets.
  • Now once you are done with the activation set take 5 deep breaths. Then, you can get to your working sets aiming to hit the desired rep range. Each set of this method usually consists of hitting 3-5 repetitions. Keep on repeating this until you are unable to complete a full set with the given number of reps.
  • You must consider that you are not required to always perform myo reps while being on this program. Myo reps add a bit of volume along with making your muscles more conditioned over time.

Barbell Medicine- Alan Thrall Program Untamed Method v1 Spreadsheet



The Google sheet that has been provided above will guide you pretty well while following the Untamed Method. You just need to have a clear idea about the weight of your 1 RMs and RPEs for different lifts. The in-built calculator of this spreadsheet will determine the weights that you will be lifting as you will be progressing.

The excel sheet will also help you to eliminate any kind of confusion regarding the selection of weights. You just have to fill in the required cells, and the spreadsheet will do the calculations for you.

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Alan Thrall Untamed Method Program Video

The video will further clear out any other doubts that you might have regarding the Alan Thrall Program. It describes the 13-week long program in a more elaborated manner.

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Final Words

If you are looking for an effective strength program for any fitness level, the Untamed Strength Program can serve you in your best interests. To some extent, it even resembles a basic powerlifting program. This program has been formulated to promote strength gains.