Akbar V Weight Loss: Diet Plan and Workout Routine

A bulky body comes with a lot of challenges, health issues, and body shaming. No matter who you are, or how talented you are, if you own a big body, you will be subject to stares and criticism. If you tingle your brain nerves, you will recall Akbar V, the self-proclaimed Atlanta queen. The rapper had a massive body. 

When we try to lose weight or gain a specific kind of body, we often look up to celebrities who have been through the process. The same holds true for Akbar V. However, when you talk about Akbar V’s body transformation, you will see that the lady keeps it very transparent.

She doesn’t hesitate talking about undergoing a knife to get that curvy, voluptuous, yet slimmy trimmy look. The plus-size rapper underwent a surgery that is known as gastric sleeve surgery. The technique helps to shrink your stomach size. It also kills your appetite, which, ultimately, results in the shedding of pounds.

Akbar’s weight loss and fitness journey started after she underwent the surgery for weight loss. Ever since then, she has been immensely popular and has continued to get rid of her stubborn fat.

This article will take you through Akbar V’s weight loss journey. This will be especially beneficial to you if you too are looking forward to undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Read till the end to learn every nitty-gritty detail about Akbar V’s weight loss plan.

Akbar V Weight Loss

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How much weight has Akbar V lost in total?

Akbar V is a popular face who has appeared as a cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Since the eighth season of the show, the rapper has lost 100 pounds (at least, if not more).

Her body transformation has been crazy, and people cannot stop asking what she did to get rid of the stubborn fat. Her weight reduction process was pretty painful and cost her a lot of patience. She said that she needed a lot of hugs and painkillers to recover from the mess.

Akbar V weight loss journey and before-and-after photos

Unless you look at some of Akbar V’s before and after weight loss photos, you will not be able to believe the transformation that the rapper has made.

Although exercising and maintaining a proper diet are the key to getting a slim body, undergoing a knife is yet another painful, yet effective method that big people can resort to.

Her Instagram Posts

Akbar V’s weight loss photos on Instagram are screaming evidence of how much she has lost weight. After she underwent the cosmetic surgery and was going through the recovery process,

Akbar V used to share pictures of her transition. In a series of Instagram posts, she had displayed her body transformation with sheer grace. However, the posts have now been deleted. Losing weight is no easy feat, but this rockstar makes it look seamless!

How did Akbar V lose weight?

The key to Akbar V’s weight loss story is the fact that the celebrity considered undergoing a surgery. While exercising and consuming a correct diet are ideally the most opted for and correct ways to get the right kind of body, undergoing a surgery, although painful, is yet an efficient and less time-consuming method.

Her Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Akbar V wants to keep it real with her fans. She maintains the utmost transparency when it comes to talking about her weight loss plan. She talks about the gastric sleeve surgery procedure which shrinks the stomach size and reduces appetite. If you are fond of food, this process might help you to keep the unhealthy cravings at bay, and propel the shedding of the unwanted pounds in your body.

Later, she also opted for another cosmetic surgery with a plastic surgeon, Dr. Curves.


Talking about the Difficult Parts

Akbar V never did shy away from talking about the difficulties she had faced during her transition. Although her body looks flawless now, the bold and beautiful woman had to brave many challenges in the initial stages of the surgery and through the recovery process.

The rapper says that her body was swollen and she needed a lot of affection and painkillers to recover. Nevertheless, all the pain and hardships that she had to endure, paid off well. Akbar V’s weight loss photos scream out loud how far she has come in terms of body transformation.

Her Sleeping Position

When your whole body is sore, you will experience discomfort in doing the most basic things, like sleeping. When Akbar V’s fan asked her what position she sleeps in, she said that she finds it comfortable sleeping on her stomach.

Akbar V’s Workout Routine

When you try to lose weight, having surgery is not enough. It is important to keep exercising so that you do not gain back your pounds.

Although much has not been known about Akbar V’s workout routine, there is a six minutes long video on YouTube that demonstrates Akbar V’s weight loss workout routine and how the rapper maintains her body to keep the fat from coming back. 

Begin with some Stretching

Akbar V’s training routine begins with some stretching. This is ideally the first step to starting any workout. As you stretch, you loosen your muscles and prepare them for a workout.

Laying Hands on the Weights and Free-hand Exercising

Next, she moves on to working out with weight exercises. For this, she uses equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. After that, Akbar V starts some free-hand training.

All these things help her to maintain her body shape and stay fit without having to worry about putting on weight back. She believes in maintaining variety in her workout, and also makes it a point not to overdo her exercise routine.

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Akbar V Diet Plan

After you undergo surgery as crucial as gastric bypass surgery, you need to be careful about what you put on your plate, and eat wisely.

Although much has not been known about Akbar V’s diet plan, here are a few tips that you might find beneficial. Have a look at something which will give you an idea about Akbar V’s weight loss plan.

Do Not Rush while Eating

This will help you avoid dumping syndrome. You should take around half an hour to finish your meals. Take approximately half an hour to one hour to finish one meal.

Eat Small Portions of Food

Akbar V’s meal plans are small. Try to keep your meals small and eat several meals. Do not overeat. Consider eating six meals, and gradually lower the number to four meals. Nevertheless, be careful about the quantity of the portions that you put on your plate.

Liquid between Meals

Your body needs fluids in ample quantities. Make it a point to drink liquids between your meals. However, do not drink too much liquid while you eat your meals, as it will fill your stomach and leave you feeling full. This will deprive your body of the nutrients that are required for a healthy being. Try to add ample fluids in your meal plan.

Chew your Food Thoroughly

After you undergo a gastric bypass surgery, the opening from your stomach to the small intestine becomes narrowed down. This increases the chances of blockage caused by larger pieces of food. These blockages prevent the food from leaving the stomach and entering the intestine, which leads to discomforts like nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Nutritional Value

Consume food that is high in protein and will add nutritional value to your diet plan. Try to get rid of food items that are rich in sugar and fat, as they are easy to pass through the digestive system and may lead to dumping syndrome.

Akbar V’s Supplements

After your gastric bypass surgery, your body might not be designed so well as to absorb the nutrients from your food. In such cases, it becomes essential to take multivitamin supplements to meet the nutritional requirements of the body.

Some of Akbar V’s supplements might be:

  1. Multivitamin Supplements
  2. Vitamin D3
  3. Collagen
  4. Omega 3
  5. Biotin

These supplements make up for the gaps that might be left behind in her diet. If you too are planning to undergo a similar weight loss transformation, you might consider following the same.

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Final Words

Akbar V’s weight loss is quite popular among people who are battling body issues.

Hope this gives you a complete idea about the weight loss transformation of Akbar V.

If you are planning to take the same path as her, you can take notes from how the celebrity managed to get in shape, recover, and is still making efforts not to gain back the unnecessary pounds.