Addison Rae’s Daily Routine, Workout & Diet

Addison is a social media sensation, an American actress, a dancer, and a singer who has created a lot of buzz in the media industry with her TikTok videos.

Fans across the globe love her not only because of her dancing skills and TikTok videos but also because she is a very humble and hard-working person.

The Actress is frequently active with her dancing videos, her daily routine, and how she approaches her life have made her rise to fame.

The 21-year woman has 40.4 million fans on her Instagram, living her life, influencing people, and shifting the intention to workout and taking fitness to the next level.

People are very keen to know the upcoming personality who recently signed a deal with Netflix, Addison Rae’s daily life, and workout routine.

So let’s move forward to catch up on a day in the life of Addison Rae, the beauty queen, and learn how she carries herself with conviction to achieve success in life.

Addison Rae’s Daily Routine

Addison Rae Daily Routine
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Addison Rae does not have a fixed routine to carry on activities in her daily life.

She is a night person and often likes to party and enjoy time with her friends and family.

She spends her day catching up with family members, dancing, working out, and making TikTok videos for her fans.

Also, being a beauty influencer, Addison Rae’s daily routine includes taking care of herself with extensive skincare and haircare routines. A day in the life of Addison Rae is very active. Where you can see her often busy with her home workouts and daily yoga sessions.


Addison Rae sleeps late in the night, due to which she wakes up late. After waking up, she does her morning rituals like taking a bath, eating, and watching YouTube Videos or Podcasts.

When she feels she is into cooking meals with her family and loves spending time with her little brother Lucas.

Addison is a fun-loving woman, who often plays with her little brother, irritates him, and loves to dress him up and make his hairstyle.

Also, there are days when she enjoys her morning alone and it gives some good time to boost her creativity and mental health.


The most productive time for Addison is in the afternoon. She occupies herself completely and carries on her self caring routine that involves plenty of Yoga and Pilates – ( Pilates is the exercise that involves using special apparatus that is ideally designed to better body posture, core strength, and flexibility)

In the afternoon, she is also into producing creative content and making TikTok and Youtube videos for her fanbase.

She also carries on most of her skincare routine in the afternoon with a good range of beauty products that nourish her skin and makes her glow and shine.


Addison spends most of her evening laughing and cracking jokes with her family and friends. In case of any invites, she attends parties and events in the evening.

She also likes to spend her evenings watching Netflix or her favorite shows on the tv – as most of her age people do.

Addison Rae’s Sleep Schedule

Addison Rae’s daily schedule is to go to sleep late as she calls herself a party animal and often loves to be awake late at night and do fun stuff with her friends.

Addison sleeps late at night, and most of the days, she sleeps till late in the morning. This ensures that she gives her body 6-7 hours of deep sleep.

Addison Rae does not have a fixed time to go to bed. Hence, she loves the nighttime and likes to be awake all night which is her ideal time to hang out with her friends.

Most of her days, she sleeps at 3 am or stays awake the whole night and sleeps in the morning.

Addison Rae’s work schedule

Addison Rae is a creator, and most of their work revolves around creating videos which she mostly does from her home. She stays at home and gives her time to develop new ideas and creativity to carry on the work process.

But now, Addison has a wide range of businesses that she has to deal with, like her own line of beauty products. She recently featured on a movie on Netflix and has signed additional contracts with them.

Additionally, she takes dancing classes and hits the gyms, which is an essential part of Addison Rae’s work schedule.

However, she admits that working in the influencing and content production field never feels like work. She generally makes 2 to 3 TikTok videos for her fans and works typically 3-4 hours a day creating content.

After that, her focus shifts to working on her upcoming movies and handling the day-to-day activities of her beauty product startup.

Addison Rae is a beauty and fitness enthusiast; she gives most of her time making creative and fun-loving videos. Addison does everything with heart and passion and generally works 30-40 hours a week.

Addison Rae’s Workout Routine

Addison Rae Workout Routine
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Addison Rae has always prioritized her fitness needs from her schooling days. In short, you can call her a versatile fitness enthusiast. She is entirely focused on staying fit and carries out different exercises like yoga, weight training, and cardio.

Addison Rae’s workout routine consists of dancing as one of the essential activities in her daily lifestyle to stay fit, healthy, and burn calories.

Rae’s stretching abilities are an exception as she uses mind and body exercises developed in the early 20th century called Pilates. She also mentions that including Pilates in her workout rouine has helped her be more flexible, mindful, and athletic in life.

The secret to staying fit is dancing

There is no doubt that the beauty queen has an extreme passion for dancing and also uses it as a medium to burn calories and shed body fat.

In her many Instagram reels and photos, she was seen dancing and mentions it as the most integral part of her life. Dancing is a combination of strength training, agility, and stamina training.

Addison admits everyone should dance and get themselves in perfect shape in a fun and playful way. She also states that including dancing in her exercise routine has helped her achieve a slim, toned, and shaped body.

Don’t stick to one form of exercise

Addison Rae’s exercise routine starts post her lunch. In many of her Instagram reels and fan-made videos, she was captured doing donkey kicks and fire hydrants to strengthen her core body. 

Also, in a video with her family, we see her doing abdominal strengthening exercises. She pulled off exercises like leg lifts, mountains climbers, Russian twists, abs tucks, and angle taps to shape her core and increase the visibility of her abs.

Addison also combines her workout sessions with cardio, stamina, and calming exercises like pilates and yoga to take care of her mental and physical health.

The 21-year-old woman is exceptional with her fitness routine, knows deeply about the body and health needs, and works efficiently every day to achieve her body goals.

Addison Rae x Kourtney Kardashian Collab

Last year Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian performed a booty workout over a zoom call. It is no surprise that fans loved the video that showed what their favorite influencers were doing to keep their bodies in shape. Here is a sneak peek of the workout:

  • Donkey kicks, 30 seconds each leg
  • Fire hydrants, 30 seconds each leg
  • Fire hydrant extension, 30 seconds each leg
  • Followed 3 more sets of each exercise.

Addison Rae’s diet plan

Addison Rae’s diet consists of many healthy juices and sometimes some fast foods and protein enrichment meals.

Juices help her look young, beautiful, and adorable making her skin glowy and flawless. Also, the healthy proteins in Addison Rae’s meal plan give her the strength to build muscles and enhance her core strength, providing her with the power to carry on daily workout sessions.

Addison Rae’s diet plan does not have any over-the-top diet fad. She knows what is best for her body. That is why you will see her meal plan is simple that anyone can follow irrespective of any cooking experience.

Meal 1 or breakfast

  • Fruits
  • Vegetable juices
  • Bananas
  • Peanut butter
  • Strawberry smoothies

Meal 2 or Lunch

  • Butter noddles
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Ice-cream
  • Chicken nuggets

Meal 3 or dinner

  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Rice and Chickens

Additionally, her diet plan is not fixed, and she does not stick to a strict meal plan. But what stands out is all her meals are light as she controls the portion of her meals. Also, her diet includes drinking water throughout the day, no wonder she has such flawless skin.

Addison Rae’s Habits

Addison Rae admitted that she has a crazy nightlife and often gets drunk and parties with her friends like the Kardashian sisters and Kylie Jenner.

Addison also spends the entire night in a bar or club or invites her friends home and cherishes those moments with a fine glass of whiskey and sipping red wines.

She was seen in a video chunking alcohol directly from the bottle and having fun with her mates in the call.

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Addison charms everyone with her attitude, wherever she goes, and people worldwide love Rae for her beautiful smile and creative nature.

Although she parties and drinks, at the same time, she makes sure of being healthy, eating nourishing foods, and being regular with her workout sessions.

She is only 21 and shows the signs of a future star with an active daily routine and humble behavior with her fans. The Actress is truly an inspiring woman and sets an example to millions of youth to self-love, grow and be the best version of themselves.

We hope the extraordinary and sensational women keep growing and evolving by influencing her fans in the best possible way.