Adam Driver’s Workout Routine

Adam Driver is a well-known Hollywood actor who garnered great attention from his fans with his role in Star Wars. Apart from his mesmerizing looks and acting prowess, he is also praised for his lean and athletic build.

Adam stays in shape almost all the time and that speaks volumes about his love for working out.

In this post, we will be throwing light on Adam Driver’s workout routine that keeps his body in great shape throughout the year. You can surely learn a lot from his training program and can implement it into your workout plan to elevate your fitness levels.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Adam Driver’s Workout Principles

Adam Driver's Workout Routine
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Adam Driver’s workout routine combines the exercises of numerous training styles such as weightlifting, bodybuilding, plyometrics, and cardio. This approach allows him to train different aspects of his physique which include strength, size, mobility, agility, and body balance.

He has always been an ardent fan of circuit training. His workout program is primarily focused on promoting muscle gains and fat loss. Apart from that it also incorporates exercises that keep his body athletic and agile.

Adam Driver’s Workout Schedule

Adam Driver workouts 5-days a week. To ensure that his body recovers well from his fierce training sessions, he takes two days off from his weekly workout routine.

Adam Driver’s workout split for the week looks like the following:-

  • Monday- On
  • Tuesday- On
  • Wednesday- On
  • Thursday- On
  • Friday- On
  • Saturday- Off
  • Sunday- Off

Adam Driver’s Workout Routine

The prime objective of Adam Driver’s workout routine has always been towards making him lean and muscular. Adam has never sported a physique that is overly huge and muscular. Instead, he prefers sporting an athletic physique.

When Adam was prepping up for his role as the center villain in “Star Wars“, he took the guidance of London-based trainer Simon Waterson. Waterson claims that Adam has always been one of those who never need an external push to follow a workout routine. Instead, he loves to train and push his body beyond its limits.

In Adam Driver’s own words,

“I have to move violently once a day or I’ll lose my mind.”

For Adam, his training sessions are not only confined to burning calories and building muscles. They give him therapeutic benefits as well.

Adam starts his workouts by performing a series of bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and air squats.

These exercises warm up his joints and then he progresses to performing some compound and isolation movements that include barbell bench press, overhead press, barbell curls, shoulder raises etc.

To work on his cardiovascular health and to burn off excess calories, Adam also incorporates certain cardio exercises like running and jogging into his training program.

Adam likes to finish each of his training sessions with a deep ‘burner’ exercise. Usually, such exercises are targeted towards training his abdominals. One of such exercises which Adam incorporates into his workout routine comprises performing a superset of ab-wheels and a plank for 60 seconds. This kind of training approach facilitates burning greater amounts of calories in a relatively shorter time.

Adam has always been quite passionate about his workouts. Even on his rest days, he likes to indulge in some form of physical activity. Dynamic stretches are something that Adam likes to perform on his rest days. It includes stretching out the joints extending them with a full range of motion. This not only leads to the recovery of muscle tissues but also promotes flexibility.

The following table elucidates Adam Driver’s workout plan. Let’s have a look at it:-

Adam Driver’s Workout Plan



Repeat the circuit 5 times

Deadlift to Squat Thrusts


Squat Thrusts to Pull-Ups


Reverse Lunges to Bicep Curls


Push-Ups to Side Plank Twists


Clean and Jerk to Shoulder Press to Bent-Over Rows to Squat Thrusts


Warm-ups are crucial

Before proceeding with his strenuous training sessions, Adam always ensures that his muscles are well prepared to take up the hammering. For that purpose, he relies on a proper warm-up routine that gets his body ready to go through his intense training.

It also allows his body to stay away from any kind of training-related injuries. Before getting started with lifting weights, Adam likes to perform some bodyweight movements like push-ups and pull-ups.

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Circuit training and plyometrics

Circuit training and plyometrics are an essential part of Adam Driver’s exercise routine. The former comprises performing numerous supersets that allow Adam to maintain his lean and muscular physique, whereas the latter assists him to keep his muscle strength, mobility, agility, and body balance on point.

Dose of Recovery

When Adam was shooting for “Star Wars” his everyday schedule had become very hectic and demanding. To ensure that his body performs optimally, he relied on performing numerous dynamic stretching movements.

He also used Hypervolt tools and a Theragun to alleviate any kind of muscle soreness.

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Final Words

We are sure that by now you must have been inspired by Adam Driver’s workout routine. Well, that’s pretty obvious too. But if you want to build a physique like him, do not ape it completely. Instead, we would recommend you to modify it as per your training goals and experience.

Getting trained under expert supervision would further allow you to gain the most out of it. Just make sure to execute the exercises with the correct form and you will be good to go.