Aaron Taylor-Johnson Workout Routine

If you want to build a superhero physique, but don’t know where you should get started, this post is going to be for you. In this post, we will be throwing light on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s workout routine. Aaron, as we all know, is a famous actor who has appeared in movies like ‘The Illusionist’, ‘The Thief Lord’, ‘Shanghai Nights’, ‘Angus’, ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Thongs and Perfect Snogging’.

Apart from playing a superhero in Kick ass, he also played the character of Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Aaron went through a strict training program to bring complete justice to his superheroic characters. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he built his physique to the point where he started looking like a real-life Quicksilver. So what exactly was Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s training routine? This post will give you a detailed answer to that question. Let’s get started.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Workout Principles

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Workout
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Even though weight training formed a crucial part of Aaron’s workout program, he also relied on other exercising disciplines to work on his endurance, agility, and conditioning. His workout program was a mix of weight training, TRX workouts, kettlebell circuits, functional training, cardio, etc.

Playing the role of a real-life superhero in Kick-Ass was not an easy job for Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He had to go through an intense training regime to look the part. Apart from hitting the gym twice a day, he also had to dedicate a considerable amount of time to his shooting schedules.

So if you are someone who finds it too hectic to hit the gym, Aaron can surely provide you with the motivation you need for it.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Workout Schedule

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s workout routine was not only confined to putting on a decent amount of muscle mass on his frame. He also had to make room in his exercise routine to work on other aspects of his physique. Hence, his workout split was structured in a manner that could incorporate different exercising disciplines.

  • Monday- Strength Training
  • Tuesday- Conditioning
  • Wednesday- Cardio
  • Thursday- Strength Training
  • Friday- Bodyweight, and Conditioning
  • Saturday- Rest
  • Sunday- Rest

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Workout Routine

When it comes to playing action-oriented roles on the big screen, most of the actors resort to attaining a lean and athletic physique. And Aaron Taylor-Johnson is no different in this regard.

Apart from building a lean and muscular physique, Aaron also had to keep his physique agile and flexible. So he incorporated certain agility and mobility drills in his workout routine to train those aspects of his physique.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Workout Routine

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Workout Plan


Sets x Reps

Monday and Thursday- Strength Training


2 x 20

Walking Knee to Chest Tucks

2 x 20

Bodyweight Reverse Lunges

2 x 10

Bodyweight Squats

2 x 15

Rack Pull

6 x (4-6)

Barbell Push Press

6 x (3-6)

Zercher Squats

6 x (4-6)


6 x (4-6)

Tuesday- Conditioning

Hang Clean

3 x (10-12)


3 x 15

Sprawl to Pull-Up

3 x 20

Renegade Rows

3 x 10

Medicine Ball Slams

3 x 20

Russian Twists

3 x 10

Hammer and Tyre Smash

3 x 20

Battle Ropes

3 x 1 minute

Wednesday- Cardio

20 minutes of running, sprints, cycling, skiing of burpees

Friday- Bodyweight & Conditioning


3 x (6-8)

Dragon Flags

3 x (5-6)

Wide Grip Press Ups

3 x 20

Hanging Leg Raises

3 x 1 minute

Inverted Rows

3 x (12-15)

Mountain Climbers

3 x 1 minute


3 x 12

Alligator Walk

3 x 8

Saturday- Rest

Sunday- Rest

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Taylor-Johnson’s physique exuded perfection in every sense. To build such a physique, only following the above-mentioned workout routine was not enough.

Never forget to warm up your muscles

Each of Johnson’s training sessions was preceded by a warm-up routine. This allowed his muscles to get prepped up for his intense workouts and also minimized the chances of probable injuries.

Incorporating TRX work

To build up his core strength, Taylor doesn’t resort to performing the regular crunches and sit-ups. Instead, he performs a lot of TRX exercises to target his core. Some of his most preferred exercises for training his core muscles are TRX planks and TRX knee tucks.

Functional Training

Performing a lot of functional movements was also a crucial part of Aaron’s training program. Functional movements like farmer’s walk, uphill fireman’s carry, etc. not only aided him to put on muscle mass but also contributed towards improving his movement efficiency, mobility, and coordination.

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Final Words

And that brings us to the final part of this post. If you are reading this, we are pretty sure you have made up your mind to attain a physique like that of Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Isn’t it?

Well, the best part about his workout plan is that it promotes a holistic approach towards fitness. It’s not only confined to making you look bulky and blocky. Instead, it focuses on developing all the aspects of your physique. So whether it is enhancing your flexibility, mobility, core strength, or muscle definition, you can work on each of them with Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s workout plan.