Aaron Taylor-Johnson Diet Plan

Aaron Taylor Johnson is the superhero Quicksilver, known for his amazing body transformations. He is muscular, strong, and shredded. All these characteristics make him desirable. Being a renowned actor, Aaron Taylor–Johnson has to maintain his body.

His shredded six-packs have made people go crazy over him. He lives a very healthy life with the help of an extremely good diet plan.

His physique most of the time is based on his movie roles and hence the diet plan also gets changed according to his movie role. While playing sniper, he needed to follow a very strict diet schedule.

For this reason, he had to go through a huge physical transformation. A hard worker and a dedicated person, through and through Aaron started performing from the age of 6 and has credited his diet plans for his success as a famous actor.

In this article, we will dive into the world of Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s meal plan, his supplements any many more.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Diet Plan

Aaron Taylor-Johnson Diet
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Aaron follows a well-balanced and healthy diet. He tries his best to cope up and have about 6 meals in a day, which includes an enormous amount of breakfast and protein supplements in his diet.

Protein shakes help in subsiding the appetite and provide the perfect amount of nutrition to the body for enhancing muscle fibre growth and it also makes helps in burning body fat. A major secret for having a shredded body.

As an actor, it becomes difficult to have multiple body transformations but nevertheless, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s diet plan helps him meet his needs

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Meal Plan


Eggs Whites (boiled eggs) and Fruit Juice


Protein Shakes


Turkey and a healthy plate of Salad


Protein Shake


Chicken, eggs and a healthy amount of Green Vegetables

Most of the time, it becomes difficult for Aaron Taylor Johnson to maintain the same meal plan as they get boring and sometimes he needs different meal plans and changes them to build himself according to the desired role.

For his shredded roles, he undergoes a low-carb diet, usually to lose weight. For the roles he needs to bulk up, Aaron admitted to eating multiple giant burgers with milkshakes to take in at least 3500 calories a day.

Low-Carb Diet

The low-carb diet process is a way of decreasing the amount of carbohydrate intake in one’s body. Even though there is no particular consensus for a Low-Carb diet, it is the most common tendency of people to go with it. Aaron Taylor Johnson’s meal plan initially consists of low carbs before getting into even core difficult diet plans.

His Body Shape

The actor weighs about 180 pounds and undergoes severe diet plans to get in different shapes. It is no secret that Actors like Aaron have to do some immense strenuous and mind blogging body transformations within a very short frame of time.

He had to transform his entire body, and he increased his body muscle mass by about 7 to 8 percentage. He had to intake a lot of fatty foods like burgers, pizzas, milkshakes, and others.

His favorite foods

Aaron Taylor Johnson loves to lead a healthy life. Because of that reason, fruit groups stand as his favourite group of foods. Kiwi, plums, raspberries and blueberries are his favourite from the fruits section.

6 meals a day

A major secret to Aaron’s shredded and toned physique lies in having multiple small meals spread throughout the day. This keeps his metabolic rate high and provides him with the energy for his hectic schedule and helps him achieve his goal.

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What does Aaron Taylor-Johnson eat?

He is not a great food enthusiast and only prefers healthy fat-less food items usually. Besides, he also needs to keep himself maintained for him being an actor.

  • Sugar-free tea
  • Various healthy and green salads
  • Fruits, including berries mostly
  • Egg whites
  • Fruit Juices
  • Chicken Stew and other healthy chicken dishes
  • Turkey
  • Protein shakes

What food does Aaron Taylor Johnson avoid?

Aaron Taylor Johnson is clearly not a great fan of fast foods and other unhealthy items, especially because he is also a fitness freak besides being an actor.

  • Fish
  • Sugar-coated food items
  • Ice creams
  • Burger, Pizzas and other fast food items as such
  • Oily food dishes
  • Foods with too many spices

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Supplements

The primary supplement that he takes is protein shakes. He drinks protein shakes thrice a day and a time more sometimes if need be. He is very much dependent on protein shakes and trusts their usage. It has a faster digestion rate, which allows the amino acids in it to help him build muscles in a short time after taking it. This is why it is included in Aaron Taylor Johnson’s nutrition plan.

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Now You Know!

Since you have read this far, we assume that you have understood how Aaron Taylor Johnson, the famous actor, maintains his body fitness and body structure through his strict nutrition plan. With all probability, the actor has his dietician who makes a regular diet chart for him and changes it according to his character role’s need in every movie.

It is crystal clear from his success that Aaron Taylor Johnson maintains a very healthy diet and is getting visible outcomes from it.