9 Week Classic Powerlifting Peaking Program (with Spreadsheet)

Most ambitious powerlifters try to test their strengths frequently in an attempt to max out their lifting capabilities.

But most experienced lifters would agree that the key to “peaking” in powerlifting comes with sustained training programs.

You have to be at your mental and physical best to perform at the highest level. If you constantly grind for months without rest, your body will have the strength to lift heavy weights. But on the meet day, it might be too exhausted to perform as per its potential.

The end result is clear – you won’t be able to perform consistently in events and competitions, irrespective of your exponentially high 1-Rep Maximum.

There is one solution to this, though. And that is training with a specific program in mind.

For that reason, we have brought a fool-proof 9-week powerlifting program to allow lifters to peak out before a competition. Apart from increasing strength and improving the 1RM of the lifter, the peaking program also focuses on giving the body sufficient time to rest in between training sessions.

9 Week Classic Powerlifting Peaking Program

Program Principles

The 9 week powerlifting peaking program is an effective training module that produces effective results for intermediate and advanced lifters.

After training for years, it ultimately becomes difficult for experienced lifters to improve their performance. This happens because more and more stimulus is required to increase hypertrophy and strength. Without a proper, comprehensive powerlifting program, achieving such a stimulus can be difficult.

According to studies, frequency and volume are the two main determining factors dictating hypertrophy and strength gains. This classic powerlifting program, therefore, follows a linear periodization schedule for achieving peak preparedness before the competition.

The workouts start with low-intensity and high-volume formats. After every training session, training volume drops, and intensity levels are increased. At the end of the ninth week, the powerlifting program will follow a pure, low-volume, and high-intensity training session.

This ensures that the body is not overworked right before the competition, allowing the lifter to enter the event with maximum mental and physical preparedness.

Ultimately, the aim of the program is to increase the 1RM of the lifter by the end of the cycle without leaving the body too exhausted. It achieves this through the following principles:

  • The program uses 1RM percentages to determine the weights that the lifter will be powerlifting for objective progress insights.
  • Linear periodization is used to increase the intensity and decrease volume over the course of the program. This allows experienced powerlifters to get the stimulus needed for overcoming plateaus and increasing their 1RM.
  • The low-volume training sessions at the end of the cycle allow the lifter’s body to recover completely and lift to the best of its abilities.

9 Week Classic Powerlifting Peaking Program

The classic powerlifting peaking program only required 1 training session per week for each lift. This schedule is developed keeping in mind the mental aspect of powerlifting.

If the powerlifter is mentally drained or exhausted after weeks of strenuous workouts, they won’t be able to perform during competitions or days of powerlifters’ meets. As such, their entire hard work will go to waste.

Thus, the 9 week classic powerlifting peaking program only demands optimum powerlifting session per week.

Initially, the lifter should start working with around 55-60% of their 1RM. Afterward, the intensity will increase linearly, but the volume of training will decrease as compensation.

At the end of the 9-week powerlifting peaking program, it is estimated that the lifter will see a 5% improvement in their 1RM.

9 Week Classic Powerlifting Peaking Program Spreadsheet

This classic powerlifting peaking program spans over nine weeks and is quite easy to follow. It is best suited for advanced or intermediate lifters who are looking to hit their peaks before a competition.

You can view the entire program through the Spreadsheet file by downloading it from here.



Make sure that you perform warm-up exercises and accessory lifts on your own before going on with the schedule.

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Winding Up

Achieving peak preparedness before a competition requires a proper peaking program. Your body should have the right amount of stimulus, training, and recovery time to hit its maximum potential.

By following this 9 week powerlifting peaking program, you can max out your powerlifting abilities and improve your 1RM by at least 5 percent.