9 Round Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2023

9Round Fitness is unique for their 30 minute intense workouts. For this reason, they have a strong, loyal membership base around the globe in close to 20 nations.

And for the benefit of individuals with different fitness goals and commitments, 9 Round Fitness offers a wide variety of membership plans.

These plans are categorized based on how long you want your program to be.

9 Round Fitness prices, therefore, depend on the type of membership you choose; To be precise, what duration of the contract you will sign with them. And to give you an approximate idea about 9 Round Fitness pricing, through this article, we will guide you through the cost of 9 Round Fitness classes according to different membership plans. 

9 Round Fitness prices
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9 Round Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

Given below are the 9 Round Fitness prices that you can typically expect at most clubs:

9 Round Fitness Prices & Membership Cost

9 Round Fitness month to month membership

Enrolment Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


9 Round Fitness 3 Months term membership

Enrolment Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


9 Round Fitness 6 months term

Enrolment Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


9 Round Fitness 12 months term

Enrolment Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


9 Round Fitness 12 weeks term

Enrolment  Fee


12 week one time fee


Cancellation Fee


9 Round Fitness online workout classes

Initiation Fee


Monthly Fee


Cancellation Fee


Those were the 9 Round Fitness membership costs you can expect at most clubs around the United States.

However, rates may vary slightly from club to club, depending on several factors like club size and facilities, town size, etc. 

How much does 9 Round cost?

9 Round Fitness membership cost

9 Round offers different types of memberships that are mostly based on durations. And the cost basically depends on the plan you choose.

No matter what the plan is, your membership perks and facilities remain the same. It’s only the contract duration that varies. 

One popular plan available at 9 Round Fitness is the month to month membership. This plan is an ideal choice for you if you aren’t interested in long term commitments. 

You can grab the 9Round month to month membership at a monthly cost of $119. And when you set up your membership, you need to pay another $99 as the initiation fee. 

Another short term plan available at 9 Round Fitness is the 3 month term membership. The monthly fee for this 3 month plan is $109. Also, you will have to pay $99 as the initiation fee. 

Coming next is the 6 month term plan. For this plan as well, your initiation fee will be $99. Thereafter, the monthly fee will be $89. 

You can also opt for a 12 month term contract. The 9Round Fitness 12 month membership plan has a monthly fee of $79. And like the previously discussed plans, this one also has a $99 initiation fee. 

For these plans, you would be paying on a monthly basis. But if you are interested in paying for 9 Round Fitness classes all at once, they have options for such members as well. 

The most common plan for which you can pay at once is the 12 week program. You can grab the12 week membership for $349. This plan doesn’t have an initiation fee.

In this plan, you will be effectively paying $116.33 per month. But the good thing is, you will not have to pay the $99 initiation fee. 

Additionally, there may be some contracts of other durations for which you can pay at once. To learn whether or not they offer more similar options, you can always contact them directly. 

For those who are not interested in visiting the gym in person, 9 Round also offers online workout programs. You can subscribe to their online workout classes at a monthly fee of $19.99. This plan doesn’t have an initiation fee.

Also, if you can pay for an entire year all at once, your annual fee will be a discounted $199.99. 

Those were the most common 9 Round Fitness membership options. Besides these plans, individual clubs may offer other kinds of plans.

You can always contact them directly and enquire not only about other membership options but also about exact final prices, additional fees, special deals, and live offers. 

Speaking of the additional charges, some clubs may charge you for either freezing or canceling your memberships. Related pricing and policies will vary from club to club as they are separately managed franchises.  

At most clubs, by the way, you can cancel your membership free of cost if you give them 30 day notice, while some may have some fees. Also, some clubs may have fees for putting your membership on hold or freezing. 

How much does it cost to join 9 Round?

9 Round Fitness membership fees

For most plans, the cost of joining 9 Round Fitness is $99. This is applicable for 3 month, 6 month as well as 12 month programs. 

But for other kinds of plans, especially for fixed, one-time payment type plans, there won’t be any initiation fee. 

How much does 9Round cost per month?

That depends on your membership choice. Given below are 9 Round Fitness price for different plans:

  • 9 Round Fitness month to month membership: $119
  • 9 Round Fitness 3 Months term membership: $109
  • 9 Round Fitness 6 Months term membership: $89
  • 9 Round Fitness 12 Months term membership: $79
  • 9 Round Fitness 12 week term membership: $0.00 (one-time payment of $349)

Some clubs may offer some other plans, or the final prices may vary from club to club. But overall, you can expect prices to come in this range. 

9 Round Fitness cost

How much is 9 Round initiation fee?

The typical 9 Round Fitness initiation fee is $99. 

How much is 9Round online membership?

You can grab the 9 Round Fitness online subscription for a fee of $19.99 per month. 

But if you could pay for an entire year at once, your monthly bill will be a discounted $199.99. 

Is 9 Round month to month?

Not all 9 Round Fitness plans are month to month. However, most clubs do have month-to-month membership plans. You can contact them directly to learn about their month to month plans. 

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9 Round Deals & Discounts

9 Round Fitness often offers attractive deals and discounts not only on their membership prices but also on purchases like boxing gloves.

You can avail of these deals using vouches, through their website, or by visiting their club in person. 

9Round also comes up with great discounts on occasions like New Year and summer, when you can get a membership for cheap. To learn about live offers, keep checking their website or contact your local club. 

Can I go to any 9 Round with my membership? 

Usually, you can’t. Considering the nature of classes they offer and that each club is separately owned, 9 Round Fitness normally allows members to Work out only from their home clubs.

But always, if you are away from home and wish to visit another 9Round club, you can contact them directly. Sometimes, you can go to other clubs.

Can I freeze 9 Round membership?

Yes, typically, they will allow you to freeze your membership. 

But different clubs may have different membership freezing policies. 

How much does it cost to cancel 9 Round membership?

Usually, there are no fees to cancel 9 Round Fitness memberships. But at some clubs, they may charge you when you want to cancel your long term contracts. It also depends on club policies. 

Is it hard to cancel 9 Round membership?

It is not supposed to be hard to cancel your 9 Round membership.

You can contact them either through their customer care number or by visiting the club in person to submit the cancellation request.

Mostly, you need to submit your membership cancellation request 30 days in advance. 

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Bottom Line

Those were the 9 Round Fitness prices that you can expect at most clubs. But as always, we will advise you to contact them, and learn about their exact prices, membership terms and conditions, plans available, live deals and discounts, etc. 

And speaking of the pricing, if you are looking to burn some serious amount of calories but have a busy schedule, it is totally worth spending some bucks at 9Round. Because their 30 minute workouts are scientifically designed for maximum results, without costing you hours.

In those aspects, 9 Round Fitness pricing is definitely reasonable.