10 Wendler’s 5/3/1 Program Spreadsheets [Resource Page]

This is a Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 workout spreadsheet and template resource page. Most of the spreadsheets included in the page are created by reddit users.

These spreadsheets are intended for automating your workout progress. It is not intended to teach you the 5/3/1 programs or training methodologies. Please read Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 books if you have not done so already.

Note: If you created a similar 531 workout spreadsheet that automatically calculate all your progress, kindly share it with us and help others.

531 Program Spreadsheets

5/3/1 for Beginners Spreadsheet

  • Begin by filling 1 RM (1 Rep Max) in the yellow boxes
  • Spreadsheet will then automatically calculate your Training Maxes by taking 90% of your 1 Rep Max
  • After every cycle add weight to the Training Max box. Based on your capacity you can add 2.5-5 kg.
  • Log your rep PRs in the PR sheet


After each cycle

  • Squat and deadlift: Add 2.5-5 kg
  • Bench and Press: Add 1.25-2.5 kg
  • You can do a deload in every second cycle if you feel like you need it.

Assistance work:

For each workout, pick one or two exercises from each category and do a total of 50-100 reps.

You can follow whatever set/rep scheme. But you should perform a total of 50-100 reps.

For example: ‘push’ could be 4 x 10 of DB bench and 4 x 10 of triceps push-downs for 80 total reps.

  • PUSH: Push-ups, dumbbell bench or incline press, dips, triceps extensions or triceps push-downs
  • PULL: Pull ups or chin ups, curls, dumbbell or barbell or machine rows, lat pull-down, band pull-aparts, face pulls
  • Core or Leg: Any Ab exercise, reverse hyper-extensions, back raises, step-ups, lunges, one leg Bulgarian split squat, kettle-bell snatches, swings


531 Full Body Full Boring Template

  • In full body full boring spreadsheet training maxes start out as 90% of real one rep maxes.
  • After each cycle, up training maxes with 2.5-5kg for squat and deadlift. 2.5kg for bench
  • After 2 cycles, you can do a deload
  • You can swap out main movements with close variations when it’s not that main movement’s ‘day’


  • Set x Reps: 3-5 x 10-15
    Possibly use 4th BB day or add a bit each day.
  • Chins
  • Kroc Rows/ any rows
  • Facepulls
  • Band pull aparts
  • Dips
  • tricep extensions
  • Curls
  • Whatever you want


Wendler 5/3/1 Spreadsheet

This worksheet requires absolutely no work on your part to maintain. Progress Tracker included in the template is 100% synced with your latest workout numbers. Just enter the number of reps done, it will automatically estimate 1RM and plot it as graph and logged.
Even if you miss a week, the graph and tracker will be adjusted to correctly reflect this.
Furthermore, this template automatically show your highest 1RM to date on top of the sheet.

This spreadsheet is created by the redditor diregna.


  • 5/3/1 Program – 13 Integrated Cycles for up to 51 weeks of training
  • Boring but Big and Simplest Strength
  • 5/3/1 Progress Tracker
  • Warm-up calculator
  • Stall Adjustment
  • 3/5/1 Powerlifting Program
  • 3/5/1 Progress Tracker
  • Accessory Work Planner
  • 531 Beginner worksheet

Another 5/3/1 Template


5/3/1 Boring But Big (BBB) Spreadsheet

Boring But Big is the most popular 5/3/1 workout scheme that targets both strength and muscle hypertrophy. Technically Boring But Big is a high volume approach.

In BBB, after performing the fundamental strength exercise (deadlift or squat or press or bench press), you do 5 sets of 10 reps with a lighter weight. This spreadsheet is designed for Boring but big. It automatically calculate all 5/3/1 formulas, warm up sets, volume for each day, week and moth. This spreadsheet allows you to input and track Joker sets and accessory works. It also has an option to choose “Up 5 Back 3”. This spreadsheet helps you to programs your training up to 15 months with deload every 4 weeks.


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5/3/1 Beyond Spreadsheet

The Beyond 531 program will definitely help you to increase your squat, press, bench press and deadlift. In our opinion Beyond 5/3/1 is a best option for those who can no longer make progress on the other lifting programs. This spreadsheet contains Beyond 1.1 and Beyond 1.2

If you want to increase your strength, the following things should be present in your workouts:

  • Joker sets
  • PR set
  • “First Set Last” down set. This can be executed for one all-out set, or multiple sets of 10, 8, 5 reps.
  • 90% Training Max

Another 5/3/1 Beyond Calculator


5/3/1 Forever Spreadsheet

5/3/1 Forever Spreadsheet is designed by the reddit user 321DiscIn. This spread sheet contains Leader 5s PRO + BBB and Anchor 351 + 5×5 FSL. It also includes supplemental accessory workouts.


  • Increase TM after each cycle / after deload
  • Optional Joker Sets (1-2 sets, 1-3 reps, 5-10%)


Building the Monolith Spreadsheet

Building the Monolith is a neat straightforward program to gain strength and size. The main advantage of this program is that its concept is very simple. Basically Building the Monolith is a variation of 5X5 workout. Here you will perform 5 sets for your main lifts and 4 for secondary. You will begin your workout by doing 2 warm up sets. So total sets will be 7. Exercises are performed based on the reps not sets.

The workout is programed based on the training max. For most of the people it will be 85%-90% of 1 RM. This spreadsheet is designed by nein0. It works for both kilogram and pound.


531 Powerlifting Spreadsheet

This is a 7 week powelifting-bodybuilding hybrid based on the Wendler 5/3/1 BBB

  • Focus exercises -Bench press, Overhead press, Squat and Deadlift
  • Exercises are performed according to the weight percentages outlined on Wendler 5/3/1 programme for pure strength.
  • This setup is then combined with the 3 month bodybuilding program Boring But Big 3 month challenge
  • Some principles from Beyond 5/3/1 is also incorporated into this program. The deload week is once every 7 weeks and instead of increasing weight every 4 weeks, you raise your weights after week 3 and 7.
  • Wight is raised by 2.5kg for upper body lifts and 5kg for lower body lifts.
  • Using accessory exercises you will train arms, upper back and abs in addition to the main 4 lifts.
  • First set of accessory exercises will be a complementary exercise to the one you are training strength.

This spreadsheet is designed by impolite_gorilla


531 for MMA

People coming from MMA background can’t spend all day for weight lifting. But strength is one of many things that need to be trained. So you have to choose exercises and lifting days efficiently. The main advantage of 531 is that it will give you a well defined progression that is sustainable over a long time period. 

531 mma template

Day 1

  • Bench 5/3/1
  • Squat 5/3/1


  • Dumbbell OHP 3×10
  • RDL 3×10
  • Barbell Row 3×10
  • Neck + Abs

Day 2

  • OHP 5/3/1
  • Deadlift 5/3/1


  • Close grip bench 3×10
  • Squat 3×10
  • Chin-ups 3×10
  • Neck + Abs


531 for CrossFit

Wendler’s 5/3/1 CrossFit Spreadsheet

This 531 Crossfit spreadsheet contains 7 cycles of Jim Wendler’s scheme minus the accessory lifts. With progressive weight bumps and a low training maxes this program will allow you to do one lift per session in 4 sessions per week while allowing crossfitters to metcon a few times a week. Here you are free to change the percentage used for creating training maxes. Just enter the present 1 rep maxes per lift and the next 6.5 months are ready to go. This spreadsheet is designed by achillesismyachilles.


Which of Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 books should I read?

5/3/1 Forever
5/3/1 2nd Edition
5/3/1 for Powerlifting
Beyond 5/3/1

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