30 Day 6 Pack Abs Workout Challenge

30 Day 6 Pack Abs Workout Challenge
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If you are looking to build a well defined six pack abs in 30 days, check out our 30 Day 6 Pack Abs Challenge to get you sculpted and defined abs that you have been looking for. You still have time to get well defined six pack abs you always wanted. This one month six pack abs challenge can help take your abs to the next level.

It is a simple 30 day abs challenge that anyone can follow. This 30 day six pack abs challenge starts off slowly, gradually gets more intense and difficult forcing your core muscles to get ripped and stronger with each day. In this workout challenge you will use a variety of proven intensity boosting techniques. Each exercise in this routine will help you to target various parts of the core muscles from oblique muscles to the lower abs to the whole core.

Why You Should Do 30 Day Six Pack Abs Challenge?

The 30 day workout challenges have multiple benefits. The most important one is that you can improve both strength and stamina by intense workout challenge. Also you can teach your brain how strong you are. You will surprise yourself with how much you can improve in a single month. You will notice real tangible changes, not only in your core muscles but also in your confidence and the body energy levels throughout the day.


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The Promising 30 Day Workout Challenge

Look, this workout challenge isn’t continues 30 day workout challenge, continues 30 day challenges are shit! They are unscientific. They put you at high risk for injury. They are among the most risky workout plans for causing injury. Even the simplest exercise like crunches can be bad to your body, so focus on the form than reps.

Why Rest Days are Important? 

 Rest days are very important as working out days. The most important part of exercising effectively is giving our bodies time to recover. Rest days basically prevent overuse of muscles and joints and also allow time to recover. If you push it too hard without a break, then the stress is too much to handle, that’s where injuries can happen.

“The American College of Sports Medicine recommends training major muscle group 2 or 3 days per week and leaving at least 48 hours for recovery between the same training section.” ACSMinformation on Resistance Training and Fitness


Introduction to 30 Day Six Pack Abs Workout Challenge 

 Each week contains 3 abs workout routine days and 4 off days. You may mix up 3 of the off days with workouts for other muscle groups. Mixing up the 2 or 3 off days with full body workouts is a better option. It is a best way to boost metabolism. Complete ab workout exercises with little break in between sets as possible. Depending on your level of training, you may adjust the exercises for your needs.


“The 4 Thumb Rules
#1 Never Go 3 Days Without Exercises.
#2 Workout At Least 3 Days a Week
#3 Never Miss a Workout
#4 Never Give Up”
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30 Day Abs Challenge Routine 

Duration: 2 months 

Day 1 -15: (first month)

For the first 15 days of six pack abs challenge you are performing abs exercises with more reps and less sets. With more reps, you are burning the excess fat around the core muscles.


  • Bicycle Crunch 
  • Decline crunch 
  • Hanging leg raise 
  • Kneeling cable pull down 
  • Barbell rollout on knees 
  • Side Jackknife 
  • Plank

Sets and Reps 

  • 1-5: 3 Sets – 15 Reps 
  • 6-10: 3 Sets – 18 Reps 
  • 11-15: 3 Sets – 20 Reps 
  • Plank – 3 Sets – 60 sec, 90 sec, 120 sec

Why You Should Switch Up Your Abs Workout Routine? 

 If you perform the same set of exercises for a month your body get adapt to it. As a result you burn fewer calories and build less muscle. That is why you need to change workouts on a regular basis. Once your muscles adapts it needs a change. So core exercises in the second phase of the 30 day six pack abs challenge, will be different from the first phase.

Reference:   The Best Way to Train for Size based on Researches by Walter Eddy, University of Washington.

Day 16-30: (second month) 

In the second phase of six pack abs workout challenge, you are performing abs exercises with more sets and less reps. That is, for the final 15 days of the workout challenge you will be increasing the volume and the resistance of the abs exercises. By increasing the resistance, you push yourself to strengthening and building the defined abs muscles.


  • Weighted crunches 
  • Weighted Decline Crunch 
  • Weighted Russian Twist 
  • Leg Raises ( Dip Machane) 
  • Weighted Hanging Knee Raise 
  • Standing Cable Wood Chop 
  • Side Plank

Sets and Reps 

  • 16-20: 4 Sets – 12 Reps 
  • 21-25: 4 Sets – 12 Reps 
  • 26-30: 4 Sets – 15 Reps 
  • Side Plank – 4 Sets – 90 sec each


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30 Day Six Pack Abs Challenge